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Ok, so my mom is Team Jacob and i'm on Team Edward and we always argue about whose better. My argument is that Jacob didn't imprint on Bella so when he imprinted on someone he would leave her and break her heart like Sam and Leah. Yes i like Jacob but i think he's better with Nessie than with Bella. My mom is stuck on the fact that Edward's a vampire and she thinks he's a monster.

Anybody else's families that way???? See i think alot of like older people are team Jacob because all of my mom's friends are Team Jacob....... What are your thoughts

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If you haven't been in an adult relationship, I'd suggest you not read "Immortal Relations" as it could be too shocking (I'd say the same to a prudish 40 year old)! Of course, I realize young people today are more advanced in many ways, compared to those of my generation; however, I don't want some youngster going to his or her parent to ask what certain words mean (I don't need "parental hate mail"). Yes, BD-1 has some graphic material in it, but at least in the movie they were able to make it out of focus or just show facial expressions. A book on the otherhand is what it is and there isn't any way to screen who reads it (a ticket seller who can ask for I.D. and shoo away the minors), that is why I put the warning in the first part of the book.

Most of my friends and family just don't get it.

my mom is Team Jacob too. Im Team Edward. my brother is Team Bella.and my dad dosent know what team to chose isnt that crazy???

My mum is like that too. She loves Jcob because she thinks that with Jake there isn't that much drama. What can i do? She has her opinion.

I totally agree because if you think about it, if Bella and Edward weren't together, Nessie wouldn't exist. Bella and Edwards relationship is a win-win! lol

Edward can't be a monster ! I mean....he is a vampire....thats true ...but...the way...he chose to live...prooves that he isnt a monster ! and Bella and Edward are perfect together....Jake and bells are great as best friends :)

my mom is on Team Jacob,but her reasons are totally messed up.she thinks Edwards a souless monster and that he is about 100 year older than Bella and needs to find somone his own age.and she likes Jacob because she thinks hes cute and she likes the fact that Bella and Jacob are omly a couple year apart and not a hundred!like i said,her reasons are completly messed up!


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