The Twilight Saga

I was so intrigued by the twilight books that i decided to write my own book about what happens after breaking dawn. Please let me know what you think about it.

Chapter 1- Bella


I often wondered what my life would be like had I stayed human. But the more I think about it the happier I am with the way things are. I am especially happy with
my family new and old. Carlisle and Esme have
felt like my parents since Edward I were dating. Rosalie’s definitely an older
sister. Shes the one you love to hate but love always wins. Emmett is the
brother who likes to rough house that is until he loses and you bruise his ego.
Jasper is the quiet one. Alice
is the fashion diva of the family. No one is allowed to wear the same thing
twice. Renesme is my world and everything in it. She has been since she was
just a bump in my tummy. Edward is my life and without him I wouldn’t have
anything else. My parents are still around. We see Charlie a lot, though not as
much as he would like, but enough to keep him safe. Renee is still clueless
about everything. She is more out of the loop than Charlie is. However, life is
great and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Bella” I heard coming from the kitchen of our cottage. As I put my diary away I got up off the bed and headed in that direction. I was cut off halfway around the
corner. Edward caught me in mid air and pulled me as close to him as possible.
Of course we tumbled to the floor and I could hear some plates that weren’t
that far behind us in hitting the floor. “Damn it” I said as I tried to get up.
Edward pulled me back down and said “ill get it in a min, right now I just want
you,” he moved forward and locked our faces together in a passionate kiss. We
were interrupted by a knock on the front door. “Edward I have to get the door.”

“He can wait, its not an emergency. Its only Jacob looking for Nessie.” I paused for a moment as I thought about what to do next. I kissed him lightly and whispered in his ear, “We will have plenty of time for this
later.” And with that I got up and went to get the door. As Edward had said
Jacob stood at the door when I finally opened it. “Hey Jacob come on in.” He
walked in and started to say something then rethought it before he spoke. “Did
I interrupt something?” “No, Edward was just making breakfast for Nessie, where
is she?” I asked as I looked in Edwards directions. “I haven’t seen her since
she left this morning to your dad’s house.” He said as he put a plate of food
on the table in front of Jacob. “What did she go to Charlie’s for? And why this
early?” I noticed Jacob gave Edward a smug little smile. “ok what’s going on?
What do you two know that your not telling me?” Edward looked at me with my
favorite smile and laughed as he said “ I told her I wouldn’t tell you” Jacob
looked up and said “Nope I was told not to tell either.”  “Fine then I go and ask someone who will tell
me.” With that I walked out of the room and went for my cell phone. I called
Charlie’s house and Sue answered. “Hello,”

“Sue its Bella, is Nessie over there?”

“Yes, but I was told not to tell you why. Do you need her home?”

“No I was just wondering where she was. Can you get Charlie please.”

“Sure but he wont tell you anything either.”

She set the phone down on the counter and I could hear her walk into the living room where Charlie and Nessie were talking about something. I couldn’t hear all of what they were saying because as soon as Sue
said my Name they shut up. I hear Nessie tell Charlie, “don’t say anything it’s
a surprise,” “I remember Nessie.” He walked into the kitchen and picked up the
phone. “Hey Bells what’s going on?”

“Oh nothing just wondering why my daughter is over there this early and why I wasn’t told anything.”

“She’s fine Bells. Don’t worry, she’ll be home soon.” Then he hung up.

I walked back into the kitchen of the cottage and I heard faint laughing under Jacob’s breath. “What are you laughing at dog?” He stopped laughing and gave me a dirty scowl. “Just wait till she comes home and she can
tell you what going on.” I looked at Edward and gave him a frown of my own.
Then I walked over to the table, pulled out a chair and sat down with a sour
look on my face. Edward came to stand behind me, kissed my neck and whispered
“Its nothing bad so stop worrying.” I looked up at him and glared. “You look so
tempting when you look at me like that.” I looked at Jacob, he was finishing
his food. Then got up and put his dishes in the sink for me to do later.
“Jacob, what time are you going over there to get her? Since I take it you took
her over there in the first place.” He looked at me with a guilty look on his
face and said “in a few hours, she wants time with Charlie so that…” Edward
glared at him from across the kitchen. “Oh right I almost forgot.” “Never mind
I need to hunt anyways.”

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i loved it you should add the rest so we can read it :)

I think its okay, but it doesn't sound like Bella. And with the part of her scowling at jacob sounded more like Rosalie in one of her moods. Aso, I think that if we wanted to finish a series someone started we should if we could talk to the author and understand the characters the way the author does. but the plot seems very misterious and cool

All though some are not looking at it as something completely different then what was said in BD it is very good. So Bella calls Jacob a dog I love it. Need to see the mother side of Bella come out and in this story she is. Keep writing and please don't let people discourage you. If i would have done that, I wouldn't have a published book and working on the first volume of my second book. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! Keep writing. Looking forward to seeing where you will go with this

interesting and very good. please continue

This is great you should write some more because now im curious why she is at Charlies. Love it!!!!!!

great story

OMG. I was getting so into it. Please hurry up and put more on there. I can't wait to see what is about to happen.


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