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Does anyone know if Stephanie is going to continue the saga for sure? or is it all just here say? I am really curious and would really like her to keep going with it, even if its not in Bellas point of view. I heard she wasnt going to finish Midnight Sun, and thats too bad because that was good to. But thats not the next one even if she does finish it. That one is the same as Twilight except in Edwards view. Which is good. but it brings you all the way back to the beginning so thats not the next one. I really want to see what happens...and if Renesemee and Jacob end up together or if she goes with the Nomad boy. She left alot open for wondering so that makes me think there will be more!! I soooo hope sooo!! I did hear in an interview she was thinking about continuing but from another character. She was going to tell what happens to Leah and all the others! ugh i cant wait!! i really hope she keeps going. Im sure people will contine to buy them as long as she wrote them forever and ever!!!! anyways, i know i have been rambling on, I was just trying to find out if anyone knew any real information. I mean like other than tabloid or here say. lol

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I agree she left way too much hanging. I would like to read something in Renesmee's POV. It would be cool to have the Indian shape shifters go against some real Children of the Moon.
Yea definately. Renesmee or Alice's, either would be interesting.
I totally agree that Stephenie Meyer should continue the books. I don't care if it's in Bella's point of view or not.
Hope she does.... can't get enough of them ^o^


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