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Mom Scolds Robert Pattinson for His Bad Habit

  In the eyes of many, Robert Pattinson can do no wrong. The Twilight star is young, hot, and makes bazillions of dollars ... or at least enough to make the top 10 of Vanity Fair's top-earners in Hollywood list. But one mom didn't care about any of that and recently chewed him out big time for his nasty little smoking habit.

Mama bear went wild when she and her teenage daughter walked by Pattinson, who was taking a smoke break outside a Vancouver restaurant, and inhaled his secondhand smoke. Many would have tried to bottle it, but not this woman. She let loose.

According to the National Enquirer, she screamed:

“You’re NOT allowed to be smoking here!” Then she plucked the burning butt from the stunned star’s lips, flung it to the ground, and STOMPED IT DEAD! Raging, she hissed: “That’s called secondhand smoke. I know my rights. You have to be at least 6 meters away from the entrance, you jerk!”

Wouldn't you have loved to see that? If only someone had captured it on film. And wow, what a woman. I've certainly wanted to do that to some smokers, but I'd never have the balls to actually do it, especially to someone famous. Good for her though.

Apparently she had no clue who Pattinson was until her daughter started screaming, "It’s Edward! ... It’s Edward from Twilight!”

Can you imagine how humiliated this girl probably was that her mother just chewed out Edward? But being the valiant vampire that he is, it sounds like he was really cool about it and even posed for a picture with her.

“Don’t apologize," he told her. "You are absolutely right. I need to stop smoking, for sure."

Yes, yes you do. Think of all the little vampire wannabes out there looking up to you; think of your health and your life. Remember, you're only immortal in the movies. Smoking kills for real. I can see the public service announcements now.

Hopefully this mama will set him straight, and he'll kick the habit. But in the eyes of his adoring fans, he'll always be smoking ... smoking hot, that is. *Swoon*

Would you chew out someone for smoking in a place they shouldn't?

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That website does not work! Is that a video?

of course not if i saw someone smoking i wouldn't have the guts to do it he'll probably beat me up and say its non of my buisness little girl lol


No, I would not ever chew out a stranger for anything unless it was criminal or negligent. That little bit of "secondhand smoke" will not hurt anyone out in an open air space. Other people's rights are just as important as our own. (No, I do not smoke, never have and never will.)
You know what, I don't care who you are, you don't have to right to tell another what to do. So he was to close but guess what he has the right to do as he pleases as well. If you are wandering yes I am a smoker but I don't smoke like I did cause I am quitting but if someone had done that to me I would have called the police on her. She had no right to do what she did. She should have just asked him to please move or let him know that he needed to move cause it is against the law where he was instead of grabbing it out of his mout. You may agree with what she did but I do not. Even when I had quit for a while i still did not tell other people where or when to smoke.
She probably should have just asked him not to smoke that close to the door instead of taking it out of his mouth. I have never smoked in my life and never will, but second hand smoke is really bad for you. I am glad that he is considering to stop smoking and he was really nice about the whole thing. So don't be upset because he was not. He apologizes to the mom and felt sorry for smoking. His mom should be very proud of him for being such a gentleman to this mom and probably would like to see him quit smoking. I know I would. 
It is great that he was so nice about it and thinking about stopping smoking. I just don't agree with the way she did it. She should have asked him to move or informed him that it was illegal to smoke so close to the door. What she did could have landed her in jail for assualt. Yes he was a gentlman and didn't do that but he still has the right to smoke if that is what he wants to do. I wish to this day that I never had. It is a very hard habit to stop. My husband, dad and I are all stopping cause of the ciggarettes that we changed to. We all are stopping. I just don't agree with the way she went about it.
I would.
lmao oh my. thats freaking hilarious. I wouldve loved to see that. but id always thought of chewing someone out abt but doubt id have the guts lol.
That's so funny. But, personally I think it's "Remember Me" 's fault. They made Rob smoke in the movie. Cigarettes have necotine which is adictive, and producers and directors KNOW THAT! Rob could've been clean, but he just had to for "Remember Me"

Rob was smoking in "LIttle Ashes" which he filmed before he filmed "Twilight" which was before "Remember Me"

Its a very addictive habit & having to work long & odd hours the nicotine would help to keep him going (Ive been there & done that myself)


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