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I personally say the books are better than the movie(s) thus far.....I just want to know if I'm the only one

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BOOKS!!!!! But, can't deny, Rob Pattinson is soooooo worth watching the movie for, and it's fun to see what we all feel so passionate about put into something we can view instead of just imagine!!! :P~
he is definitely worth the disappointment :D
your not the only one the books were better than the movie well the books are always better than the movie
Books they put more in it
no, you aren´t

no movie can be better than a twilight-saga book
Maybe if they didn't make up a different story it would be something to at least compare.....but they left out all the best parts and the "I love you" scenes.....without those, it'll never be the same : (
I was upset because they left out the blood typing scene, where Bella almost passes out because they are blood typing in class... and Edward carries her after he swoops in and takes her from Mike... awwwweeeee....
Books. Most definately I love the books, I hate it when they miss things out in the films, I would have loved to see the blood typing part in the twilight film, but I guess that's how it goes, shame really.
I have to agree with you too.....I so wish they would have added a ton of those parts, and the beach scene with all the greenery. Not to mention Kristen Stewart didn't come close to portraying Bella properly. She wasn't clumsy enough or every queasy enough.....I wanted more of the Bella I imagined from the books discriptions, Hollywood always ruins the best books.....
Agreed, I think the rest fo the cast were great but I wanted more from Bella, her insecurities and clumsiness, and her view of herself wasn't portrayed either.. She didnt match *My Bella* either.... But Robert Pattinson sure stepped up to the role 8)
Oh definitely agree about Robert Pattinsen.....He definitely fit my Edward more than I was expecting. But Bella just wasn't.....right.
i personally think most books r better than the movies, however it is nice to see the book come to life so i can then better understand the book and visualize it better


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