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I personally say the books are better than the movie(s) thus far.....I just want to know if I'm the only one

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But the book wasn't portrayed.....Bella was all wrong and Edward was probably best one in the movie. They left out all the emerald forest scenes, and the meadow wasn't even close to what was in my imagination while reading.....
My imagination is way too creative for the "writers" of the movies.....they ruin everything :/
., books for me,,,, because they have something that cannot be put into the movies, though the movies were good too...
I dont even think the New Moon movie will surpass the book.....they always leave out the best parts.
Of course the books are the best. There is no way you can compare a book with a movie...
They didn't have to leave out ALL of the best details, it may have been bareable if they didn't pretty much rewrite the whole story and make up their own.....if it weren't for Robert Pattinsen, I don't think I'd even bother watching.....
the book is different thne the movie i think they are both good
i think the twilight book iz better then the movie..but i think the new moon movie will b pretty close 2 the book..thiz director iz so much better with following the book..i herd new moon iz going 2 b really long cuz of how much thiz director followed the book...
I love both the books & the movies but I got more from the books.
I think the books are better than the movies

But Rob is a good actor, no one had heard of him before twilight though.

And Kristen (in my opinion) is not the best actor for Bella.


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