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I found this on the sugarscape twilight page and i was so annoyed :

I thought what they said was so ungrateful! there are so many bands that would have loved to be on the twilight, eclipse and new moon soundtrack but they are dissing it ? :( grrrr they didnt even have to do it .....

plus, they have gotten so many more fans from it because people hadnt heard of them before!

and i dont think they can say its cos they "changed their sound for it all" when the first two films have songs that they had already written.... and the eclipse one isnt actually that different from some of thir other stuff :/

so, if they are moaning, my say is, even though i love their music, they shouldnt go on the BD albums, and let a more willing and eager band take their place :)

i posted this so i could know your opinions, please dont be nasty if you dissagree with me, or any other person :)


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In my opinion I think that Rob and Jackson need to put their music on the BD soundtracks. They are part of this all the way and their music should be heard. They are really good and even Kristen for that matter.
OMG that would be so cool! Robert and Jackson able to play their music for the movie soundtrack that would be so cool!!! even Kristen.... that would totally get them noticed in musical area
I really hope they think about it. Rob did an excellent job on the Twilight soundtrack. I think they would all be good to a great ending to a wonderful saga.
Awesome explanation Irene, it does shed a lot of light onto the remark.
I don't think it mattered where in the film they wanted to put it. But it was wrong for them to say they sould their soul by putting their music on the twilight movies. Or to get it on the movie I heard SM requested they be on the soundtrack. But what I really want to know is what SM thinks about what they said.
OMG what stuck up butts! I will agree, the movies suck, as far as movies go. But their music didn't inspire the movies! It inspired the books! Before they decide to trash Twilight, read the damn book! JERKS!
so you don't like the twilight movies?
thats what i wanted to know
i agree that they should have atleast read the books :/ and they didnt really try with new moon and eclipse :(... and , well twilight wasnt the best directed film ever made :/
WHAT BUT BUT I LOVE MUSE theyre like my fave band i cant believe this thier music is awesome =[
I didn't even listen to MUSE until they were on Twilight...So I would think they would be greatful for more fans..But you know sometimes people get a little big headed for their own good...The songs they did are really great.
that is exactly what i thought :/


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