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okay hi guy's I was sitting in my room last night and just came up with some silly little theory thats all in my head but listen to this


Edward loves Bella no matter who she chooses

Jacob loves bella only when she is human

sure he loves her as a vampire but not as in a relationship love

therefore I think Edward loves her more because he will always love her



Maybe you have all came up with this already and I was to stupid to think about it till now

oh and no effence to all you team jacob fans cause hes still awesome!

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U r definitley rite i def agree!
thanks it feels nice to right for once :p
I did think about that after Eclipse came out. Nice job thinking about it though.
Yes, I did come to that conclusion...Edward loves her unconditionally...NO MATTER WHAT!!!
agreed :)
AGREED! Edward loves Bella regardless of who she chooses... He wouldn't kill Jacob if she chose him because that would hurt Bella.... Jacob on the other hand only wants Bella and thinks it is a game between him and Edward! LOVE YOUR THEORY! IT IS CORRECT!!!
Yes that's true. I completely agree with you.
Jacob thinks only of himself. In Eclipse he almost forced Bella to choose him over Edward.
Edward on the other hand would have accepted if Bella had chosen Jake because he is ready to do anything for Bella even if it means he has to sacrifice his love.
yes i agree and thats what make Edward the perfect choice....UNSELFISH :)
and its funny cuz he thinks he is selfish. he says bella doesnt see herself clearly all i have to say is edward is also absurd =]
Thanks everyone for liking my theory! im glad you all agree with me
I agree - also i think that if jacob loved her that much he would have imprinted - my theory is that edward did the vampire equivalent to this because he will do anything to make her happy and he can't stand being away from her
I din formulate this theory until i read eclipse too. He says,''i will love you, but it depends on how much you stink''. So his love is conditional unlike Edward's.


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