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Hi guys. Once again, I am here to talk to you about the incredible character, Edward Cullen. I am so glad that Stephanie Meyer had made the Twilight books, and included a character that is like Edward. Such a strong, bold personality that he has. He acts like a proper gentlemen towards women, and shows kindness and respect towards others he loves, and also people that he has just met. He is very protective, and he shows no fear whatsoever. And don't forget his good looks!! I wish that there were more men out there like Edward, with his personality and good charm. I am in love with Edward, and hope one day to get a man like him. I hope all you wonderful ladies out there have or will get an Edward!! I hope you all enjoyed reading this for it is my perspective of Edward.  I hope to see many replies on this for I would want to know what your girls perspective is on Edward. Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope that you will leave a reply.

--Gabbie Edwards

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I feel the exact same way about Edward. He is a strong, protective, passionate, caring, selfless, brilliant character that I love.


I love all the good things about him and all of the not so good things about him too. I can admit that my favorite character is not perfect. He is perfectly imperfect. He is prone to overreaction, he is overprotective, and he is kind of a know it all lol. But Edward can always admit to his mistakes and he corrects them without ever doing them again. Edward is a man, he takes care of his responsibility and he accepts consequences for his actions. Even though he might not always do the best thing, he always has good intentions in his heart.


I would have to agree with Bella, " Even if he was a vampire. He had the most beautiful soul."

I have to agree with every bit of this!!!!

sorry ladies but i don't agree with you1

sure he is beutiful,powerful, and exterordianary but he can also be controling.I don't i want i want controling boyfriend/husband .Besides he is not real!

Yes I know he is not real, but I know there are atleast some guys out there that are like Edward, with some of his characteristics. He is perfectly imperfect like Team Edward17 said :D

If you read my comment clearly then you would've read that I said he is perfectly imperfect. Edward is very overprotective not controling. Everything that Edward did he truly believed it was in Bella's best interest. If Edward is sooo controlling then why when he realized that he was hurting Bella by trying to keep her away from Jacob, he apologized & vowed to never do it again & actually didn't . Then he even said he trusted her judgment. Last time I checked that's not controlling.
P.S. I know Edward is not real. Hence "My favorite character "

i 2 feel the same way about edward. not many guys are like that anymore.....

or have looks  like his- he is so gorgous!!!

hes also protective- i like that

in all, he just perfect!!!

I know.... well almost perfect anyways-- but yeah. I love him to death!!

Very true...I woulda done the exact same thing if i was Bella...!!!!I would do anything to be with Edward!!!I'm sooo in love with him
I agree with you. I'm glad that I have someone like him. He's been my bestfriend for ten years and my boyfriend for two years. I couldn't ask for anything more in my life. I hope you can find that special someone that is looking for you too.
Thank you!! :D
i agree with you....but in reality its very difficult to find men like him...its just possible in books...i wish i could have a man like him...

a few of my friends in school are Edward like but the funny thing is that no girl falls for them cause the girls think that they are ugly(i don't think that they are) i mean its good to have a guy that has a good personality and has good looks but i sure go 4 personality before looks!!!!!!!!!!


what do you think???????????


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