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For some of the more advanced writers, you obviously know that, in hopes of getting published, you first have to send a Query to the publishing agency. I take writing very seriously but as a thirteen year old, I'm not as experienced! 

  I'm seriously thinking about sending a query out though. Just a little thought that I had, because life's to short to wait until your older to do things (Career wise of course) so I sat down, and wrote my own query. I looked at a bunch of sample queries, and strung the different 'processes' together. So, i need some help, please! Just look at it, and tell me your opinion, & what needs to be fixed!

  Thank you a WHOLE WHOLE WHOLE lot!!

                                                                           ♥- Shelby

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That is very well written and sounds very professional. Your book sounds very interesting as well. Post a few chapters because you have peaked my curiosity. :)

Thanks! i've actually rewritten it like three more times, lol. I've got eight chapters up I think. It's simply titled "Mesa; The Invisible World ♥" in this group (: Thanks for the help!

Shelby, First I’d like to say Congratulations on the writing. I am a writer myself and I can understand the passion your have for it. I’ve recently started writing a screenplay and I’ve learned some things that I think can really help you. Keep in mind that I am NOT a professional; this is just advice from one writer to another. You really shouldn’t say that your inexperienced because most agents want someone with some sort of experience, and being that your thirteen years old, they really won’t take you seriously. With that said, this is how I would word your last two paragraphs:

“Writing is my passion. I’ve written a number of unfinished short stories for my personal enjoyment and I am currently working on another novel. If you like my writing style and are interested in reading a full length copy of my manuscript, please let me know and I’ll get you a copy immediately. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

A few other tips I have for you are:

1. Instead of just writing your name at the bottom, the footer of you document should have your name and complete contact information.

2. Most agents or production companies won’t read your work unless it’s registered or you have a copyright. It’s for your protection and theirs.

3. Make sure you are presenting your best work, so have someone check it for spelling, grammar errors and typos.

I really wish you the very best of luck and I hope you succeed. Keep me posted on your progress and if you ever want to chat sometime or you need some advice, I’ll give you my email and you can talk to me.

Thank you so much! I've already rewritten it SO many times! But i think I'm going to go with a more intriguing story. That last paragraph you did was absolutely WONDERFUL! The tips will really come in handy too i think! You really seem like an amazing writer, and i probably will contact you soon, because you seem like someone who could really help me (: Thanks!!


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