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hey everybody!! if u guys dont would be awesome if u guys could give me examples of names...could be urs or just a name u like. My name is reason is to see what different names people have...i have lived in the same area all my life and like i only know really common names

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hahahah thank wasnt much of personal use i just like to here all the different names that people have considering sum people r from a different country as i
Damon - boy
Angelique - girl
my name is Polyanna
my name is sapir.... ( you already know that...)
Examples of names for any particular reason Koreena? My name is Tammy but I used to do role play games - D&D and my character then was Lauralanthalasa lol.x
no particular reason. i just think its cool to here all the different names that people have......its kinda weird i know but i only know like really common kate, ashley,jack,joe stuff like that
my name is Stephanie, hi how r u?
im good thanks.. u? name's kerri...i have a little girl called mia
My name is Ania
my name is nicola and my little boys name is alex
My name is Nichole, which is probably pretty common, I know someone named Izadora, I also know someone named Julian and someone named sabastian.


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