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hey everybody!! if u guys dont would be awesome if u guys could give me examples of names...could be urs or just a name u like. My name is reason is to see what different names people have...i have lived in the same area all my life and like i only know really common names

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My name is Erin! A girl's name that I like is...Alex, or Maddie! A boy's name (other than Edward or Robert) is Leonardo, or Gary, or Jeff!
My name is Leslie( pretty common )
My daughter's name is Elizabeth, which i think is a classic and will never die!
And my favourite boys name is Deacon.
i had a BFF named elizabeth...its a nice name
Mii NAME iiZ ESTRELLA (é-str-ā-ya) BUT roll your tounge when u get to the S.T.R lol....... ANYWAYz iiT MEANz STAR iiN SPANiiSH
nice name
my name is Ulfah

i like "Regita" and "Nailah" for girl and "Arul" for boy, that my children names
wow...thats actually a nice name
Hey my name is Kaitlynn but i would love to have a name like Hayden!!!!!


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