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hey everybody!! if u guys dont would be awesome if u guys could give me examples of names...could be urs or just a name u like. My name is reason is to see what different names people have...i have lived in the same area all my life and like i only know really common names

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my name is Brooke. hi!
Koreena is a kool name. Mine is so boring in comparison. Just thought id mention that! lol
hahahah no i actually like the name Brooke. it suits u too!
hahaha OMG i just noticed that ur the gurl that is writing the story bout jacob and reneseme's relationship!! ur like totally awesome.....have u done chap 5 yet???
lol!Thanx no but im writing....
wow nice name! Evry1 has great names on here! I might have 2 change mine.... lol
My name is Emma (boring) but my favourite name for a girl is Calleigh and for a boy (apart from Edward or Robert) is Lewis.
my name is yulanda
My name is Danielle, although you probably caught that from my username, lol
Hi Koko, I guess my name you can use for your personal use in either language. English- Ildira, Spanish - Yadira
Thanks for asking, Emmett Cullen in Breaking Twilight


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