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stephanie should make another book about jacob and renesme. personaly i think it is a good idea because in the movie alice had a vision, wich if she didn't i probely would't be writing this. coment please

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True, I agree. Since the movie showed Alice having a vision about showing a small view of Reneseme grown up it would be interesting to see how their relationship would play out.

i can't get over the vision. it kills me


I totally agree; however, SM had said she wouldn't do another Twilight book, at least not for the foreseeable future. So many artists are afraid of being "Pigonholed" into one part or genre even if those stories are as compelling as the Twilight series. I'm 70 and yet I find them as interesting as those who are less than a forth my age. It is one of the reasons I started writing my own series, "Immortal Relations" and "Immortal Relations, Love and War" on Amazon & Kindle (both are for adults and wouldn't be recommended for this audience). I'm writing the third in the series now; however again, not for this audience - maybe for the few adults out there (maybe). LOL

thanks and on the bonus features of breaking dawn she said''i haven't put the charecters to rest yet

I completely agree.  The movie would be base on that vision from Alice at the end of BD 2.  I think it'd be great and interesting.

i just want her 2 make another movie or book dont care which 1

She has.  It's called The Host.  The movie came out a couple of weeks ago.  Both book and movie are good.

i know i LOVED the movie but i think she should write another twilight one

Totally agree with you.

Everyone says shes now writing the seeker sequel to the host

That would be cool to read and see.  The first one was good.

I know and then they would make another film Stephenie says that the host is suppose to be a trilogy


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