The Twilight Saga

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Great pictures. I really cant wait for the movie to come out.
These r sooo cool!!!
love them. where did you get?
I'm a member of twifans and I know someone that always has the latest news on the Twilight saga :)
Have u heard any news about midnight sun? I've been waiting three years and I hope she finishes it and gets over having it leaked online. Why should her true fans suffer cause a thoughtless jerk leaked her rough draft. I hope she will stay true to the fans that have stayed true to her and finish midnight sun already, please!!!
she has no plans to finish it right now. she said that maybe one day she will not be irritated by the betrayal that she received and if that happens then she may finish it but has no desire to now.
WOW, These are great pics, makes me want to see the movie even more now. thanks for posting them.
Awesum Pics....I Luv it...
I have to say, I'm HIGHLY disappointed with their hair. :(


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