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I'm not fond of many of the hairstyles in this picture myself... lol But I'm hoping they look better on screen.
ditto! I am very excited to see it also :)

Wow, thanks for the pics Zendaya - truly awesome- can't wait for the movie- pity it's in two parts- after watching Part 1 it's gonna be so freakin awful waiting for Part 2!  Wish Rob's hair was different though:-(  Love him anyway and no matter what:-)

you're welcome! I'm glad you liked them :)

I also wish robs hair was different, or at least a little longer like the other ones.

totally agree :-)
I think you're awsome ... thanks


thanks for the pics and even though the pics of steward kinda spoilet it for me ,im looking forward to the movie and i hope kristern ups her game since it's the last movie.

*thinks*i wonder why kristern steward got the part of bella......

 anyways ahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jacob! ahaaa love him and taylor and can't wait for the scene with jake and rose!ahaaa!


sorry but im just excited!ahaaaaa


*voice in my head* ok! ok! ok! shut up and go read breaking dawn already!

I don't think it has anything to with her looks, as far as looks go, I think she's great for Bella. For me it's the acting! I mean even when I went to comic-con and saw that honeymoon clip, her acting was the same as all of the other movies; dismal. Sorry, I don't think Stephanie Meyer can change that. Besides that message was all the way from 2007 how many movies has there been since then...? I haven't seen this 'great acting' yet....
finaly smeone who gets me!
:D cheers for sane people!lol

Sorry for spoiling anything for you, but it's not like the photos were leaked.

I'm also more excited for the Rose and Jake scenes :D



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