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i was surfing the net when i came across something that said eclipse has a new director named David slade...,heres a link to it that shows the cast including the director thats at the top ..

Who else thinks its confusing that they keep switching directos and y 1st movie was cathrine hardwicke then new moon was chris weitz....y do u think they keep switching directors????


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I believe that they should not change the director so often..
Catherine made good job in Twilight .. the director of new moon also is very good
why do they change him if he did a very good job?
*sorry for my english please*
Maybe they're going for a different mood in Eclipse?

Movies are very different from books. Where authors can change the tone of a book with the skill of their pen and their imagination, directors have more specific genres that they like to direct. Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse are all very different in their tones, moods and how they bring their stories to life. Stephenie does a wonderful job of doing that in the books, but it might mean that other people want to direct them?

Just my humble opinion :-)
Where did u here that Chris Weitz is doing BD?
Well, i don't think it's neciserally a bad thing. Catherine did a good job on twilight but seeing the previews for new moon I don't think she could have done it as well as Chris. And i don't think Chris could have done as good a job with Twilight as Catherine did. They both did what they were assigned to really well. Let's hope the next to are awesome as well! :D


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