The Twilight Saga

Security has been tight, windows have been blocked and there has been no
sign of our favorite on screen couple until yesterday! Honestly, I
thought they were protecting the president or something but nothing can
stop the sneaky little paps from finally snapping some pics of Robert
and Kristen filming honeymoon scenes for Breaking Dawn.

Reports have whizzed around that the two have already filmed the infamous
bedroom scene and that it was a very private moment with only Rob,
Kris, Bill, Stephanie and I'm sure a camera and sound guy. Even though
their chemistry is white hot, it has to be somewhat uncomfortable
"performing" in front of an audience. Yesterday the two were captured
doing some outdoor scenes, playing some chess (not really sure where
that came in) and doing a little kissing. Let's just say Rob in a wife
beater and shorts....WOWZA!

Supposedly filming will be over today and the two will be on their way back to the states to head to Baton
Rouge to meet up with the rest of the cast. It's bittersweet for me
because filming in Brazil has been heaven sent for all of us fans wanting pics. We probably won't get as much action in LA because filming will be done in a studio. Boo :(

I am so ready for November 2011! And I so badly want to see Rob, Kris,
and Mackenzie together! Maybe we will get some nice photo shoots out of
this installment. We will keep you updated on all the breaking news!
Don't forget about our re-read tonight! We are starting chapters 3-4 of Breaking Dawn. Come join and discuss!

Hope you enjoyed I know I did.  I can't wait =)

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awww! Lovely photos! Im also excited for 2011, cant wait! :) But the question, why do theyre palying chess?:/ I dont get it! Cool!
Why after all this waiting and anticipation do I still have to wait a year (and a week) to see this movie? ...I don't think I'm going to make it - I'll die from impatience before I even get to see a trailer for this thing.

As for the chess playing, aside from it's reference to the BD book cover, as TEAM 3DWARD17 said, I think it might also be a part of Edward trying to "distract" Bella. :D
Omg! Don't even remind me of part 2!!! What is wrong with you? :P
I love the pictures, I also love that fact that they are playing chess just like from the front cover of BD. Rob looks UMMMMMMM. and Kristen WOW. I think that they are still filming the Isle of Esme scenes, as Bill Condon said in an interview earlier, that they would be filming for 5 days, and it's only been 4 days so they mite be filming a bit more? And as for Edward distracting Bella, it doesn't work for long, as we all know what happens after that : ). My heart is going into over drive. I can not wait till next year and the year after. Bring It on.
I think they stopped filming today
Thanks for all the pics I"m not sure how you get them but they are appreciated.
I get them off twitter and your welcome
Who is that guy in the checks t-shirt and jeans?
thats edwards double
LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE THESE PIC....but this is pure torture really i can't i keep reading over bd to keep me distracted but i think i should stop it's only making me more anxious for the movie
I think I could play all the parts in BD I have read it so many times


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