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I saw New Moon the day it came out, and personally i didn't like the movie as much as the book. I liked the movie but I thought the book had so much more description, but my freinds who disagree say, you can't SEE Edward or anyone in the book. So I was wondering what some other fans thought?!?!

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totally me to
i agree with most ppl on here the book is always way better the emotion and feelings you get when you imagine a situation. i think the movie did a really good job but i think a very important scene was cut short that one where bella is just waking up and edward is there takes him ages to convince her she is awake and not dreaming in the book ...and then a long time to convince her he isnt going anywhere and you also get to hear what HE got up to all the time he was away that never came accross in the film and think that was a real shame as it was my favourite part....i still loved the film and im going to see it agian soon though.
I agree with u about the bedroom scene I thought that was a really good part in the book and was very disappointed it wasn't in the movie
i must agree with you sarah i enjoyed the book more as it had more detail in it, though i thought the movie was still good i just think it didnt live up to the standard of the books
movie is great, but the book is in many ways better........
Book!! I never expected otherwise, really. I mean, everybody here is a fan of the Twilight books, and the movies are OK (new moon muuuuch better than Twilight, for me) but they can never be as good as the books, Stephenie's writing is not something you can put on a screen... the movies can tell the story, better or worse, and they can portay the world created by Stephenie, but they will never be as good!
The books are ALWAYS better than the have pages after pages of discription and dialogue... and really, they can't make a 6 hour movie these days... So, we have to take what we can get when they turn it into a movie and put it on the big screen. :)
book was better. period.
i dont understand why your friend has said you can't see Edward or anyone because the best thing about the book is that your imaginations flow a head of you and you create your own Edward which is great because even though Rob-P acts amazingly and totally handsome >_< !! you still have your own imaginary Edward after reading the book and all the details and stories are shortened in the movie missing out many of the wonderful parts and so i definately go for the book!
I didn’t like the movie at all and I’m quite upset by how the film has portrayed the book and also how it has effected me as I feel now that all my faith in the saga films is now gone. I only hope this film will be a blip and the next 2 will be wonderfully. I even went to see New Moon twice to give it a second chance and ended up feeling more upset then the first time I went. So I’m choosing the book over the film x
New Moon book is much better than movie. But New Moon movie is much better than Twilight movie.
Deffinately the book... I enjoyed the movie, but you lose so much in book-movie translation. After years of reading the book and then going to the movie I have learned the 'movie' you have in your head is ALWAYS better! I really hope that Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are 1. LONGER!, and 2. Closer to story!! I know Stephanie saves the action for the last little chunk of each book, but they can't hack up BD for the screenplay or it will lose so much of the story!
The only book-movie translation I think ever made it very close, were the Lord of the Rings series... I've read those books like 20 times (at least) and Peter Jackson was dedicated to making it as true to book as possible. I don't think my imagination could have done better than what he did with those movies visually. I am sad the part about the Ents was messed up a bit, and that Tom Bombadill didn't make it into the movie at all, but it was still awsome. I really hope they do better with eclipse, (YAY for June!), and as close to perfect as humanly possible with Breaking Dawn!


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