The Twilight Saga

Do you like it? I personally prefer the previous one but I would like your opinions...

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i can't see it
If you are talking about the pic that Seth made, I love it!!
i dont see a picture.
can't see either---
What picture????
If you have any doubt about the contest then checkout the discussion Official team edward competition. You can find the details of it.:) thanks if yOu dont like it.hehe dont worry i respect your opinions..:)
Do you have the link for the competition?? Thanks :)
This iS the link ma'm..
okay i didnt push her to choose my work. I know all of you didnt know about the contest so its an honest mistake for our part.
Thank you sEtH. :)
This is the last time im going to defend myself from all this issue on that pic. I joined yes. I dont know who else joined just got a confirmation that she picked my entry. The WINNER term came from the CAPTAIN not MINE. I didnt push her to choose MINE. I also had other entries that i sent. I've asked a friend if its okay to leave it no colors but she told me to put some colors. I can also create a american-japanese fusion style drawings. Just that she'd picked a manga style work. I know some of you wants to put down this pic. This issue is getting serious now and i think she really need to step into this. If she didnt get enough entries then its okay if she'd leave the original logo. She better not choose my work either. But my name is compromised here. I dont know what this issue will lead to but im hoping she'll made a good decision for the rest. Im no DRAMA QUEEN but i think this discussion is a HATE CAMPAIGN not for me but to my work as well.
I am sorry if you felt that you had to defend yourself. I didn't start this discussion to critisize you or judge you. It is a nice pick and I am sure everything concerning the contest went as they should be. And no it is not a hate campaign!! I really don't know who you are and I havent even seen any other work you have done. I am sure that your pick was the best pick.
Dont worry maria im used to that. What im thinking now is if all the member preferred the original pics of each teams then they should ask all the members if they'll agree to held a logo contest. I only joined its just that some people doesnt like the previous one being change. If some of you are worrying about if i get offended then dont worry because i already does. I know that its hard to accept new changes and maybe if i put Edwards face on this maybe they'll like it. I know your feeling coz i also had that same feeling when they changed jacob's. Its just that some of our fellow members are so harsh and sending my page they're hatred. Its like racism. I respect each and everyone's opinion so i think some of you should also be sensitive on others feelings. Dont worry im not mad at you maria. I love your name same as my friend crybhaby:):):)


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