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Can you really see robert pattinson playing other roles in movies as being someone othere than the hoplessly charming and sexy Edward Cullen? I think what ever role he plays he would do great and he will forever and effortlessly make women weak in the knees (lol).

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Actually, I have seen Rob in other roles before Twilight. I understand that after twilight you might wanna see him that way only. I am planning to go see Remember Me (even though I am going to be on vacation but will find a theatre) opening weekend. When Bel Ami comes out, I plan to see it as well. I mainly want to see his films to see his acting range to see how he does with the different roles. Him being totally sexy doesn't hurt either.
i love him no mater were he's playing and in what role
His role in Little Ashes actually drew some positive critical feedback in an otherwise largely ignored movie. I also loved him in How to Be. So I've already accepted him in other roles and will continue to do so. I think Rob is already a good actor and has the potential to grow into a great one. I'll continue to watch his movies to enjoy his progression as a performer.

Fans are organizing "Remember Me Saturday" on March 13th to support him in this movie and I plan to see it then. He's getting some early positive press on his performance as Tyler. The upcoming role I'm most excited about has to be Water For Elephants. I really, really want to see this film when it's done!
I can see him in playing others roles. I saw How To Be and A Haunted Airman and i cant wait for Remember Me. its good to see him doing something else! I think Robert Pattinson is a really great actor, and he is sooo freakin sexy too! :]
YES, I know the teenage fan base will see him as "Edward" but he will box him self in as an actor. He has to expand beyond twilight. He is an up and coming actor. This is his career field and if he stops at "EDWARD CULLEN" he will never work again. The public has to see him in more and more differnt rolls.

I think they will enjoy Remember me and Bel Ami I am looking forward to more movies from him.


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