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so i love twilight. who on this website doesn't? haha but my family and friends dont really understand why i love it so much. they dont say it but i know they think im kinda nerdy or whatever for reading the saga over and over again. they just dont get it. but i love twilight for more than just the vampire falling for the human girl and all the wild things that go on with it. I love twilight for the writing style, for the way you become emotional attached to the characters, like they are real people in real places. I love it for the depth and knowledge in the books. Its so much more than that. Its just frustrating not being able to talk about with the people that mean the most to me (no offense you guys are all great too) it just i dont know what todo.. and suggestions?

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I know how you completely feel. My family doesn't understand either they make fun of me all the time. But I'm the same way the story line just draws you in and makes you feel calm and comfortable. Don't be ashamed I'm married and my husband rags on me all the time.
haha well thank you for sharing with me :)
your welcome.
My family is the same way. Your not alone. Sugest to them that need to read the book to understand. All you can do is try.
sad thing is, they have read it. and dont feel the same. they just think the storyline is interesting
yes that does make sense. Thanks for sharing your advice with me!

You can't really force people to understand or even to accept your passion for Twilight - you can decide to let their opinion matter for you and do a difference to your way of handeling it, or you can decide just to enjoy your Twilight thoughts and experiences alone or try to find others with same passion.


When all this is said, I think it differ a lot what people find crazy or 'too much' into it. I mean, personally I love Twilight. I play the game on my phone daily, watch at least one of the movies every week, most weeks all of them, and read in my books almost every day. I've even been dreaming about Twilight - and thinking Twilight thoughts and reffering to Twilight quotes and scenes in real life, but none of the people around me is even half as interested in the Twilight universe as I am. They don't even know the names of the characters - but I've accepted that they don't bother that much and then I decided to look around at the internet and found this site. I've been lurking around some time before I decided to make a profile in here and now I just enjoy the universe with you in here and enjoy my real life when my pc is off. Like that I don't get too crazy in the universe as well. :)

thanks that really helped me. and to be honest i've had a profile now since this summer and i have just now started to post and comment on things. so your not alone on that aspect :)
I am a gay male who enjoys Twilight. I have had so many people make fun of me, it's NOT funny. In response, I wrote an article about why I love it so much. If you want, I can send it to you.
Or post it here if you want. I think we're a lot of people who would love to read it :)
I've actually been considering that. It may be up soon.
I will look forward to that :)


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