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so i love twilight. who on this website doesn't? haha but my family and friends dont really understand why i love it so much. they dont say it but i know they think im kinda nerdy or whatever for reading the saga over and over again. they just dont get it. but i love twilight for more than just the vampire falling for the human girl and all the wild things that go on with it. I love twilight for the writing style, for the way you become emotional attached to the characters, like they are real people in real places. I love it for the depth and knowledge in the books. Its so much more than that. Its just frustrating not being able to talk about with the people that mean the most to me (no offense you guys are all great too) it just i dont know what todo.. and suggestions?

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that would be great! if you could:)
I now have it posted as a blog on my page!
Same With Me. My Parents Think I'm Crazy or Something and My Friends Now Think i'm Boring Cause i Go On About It Too Much.. But i Dont See a Problem!

That's a good thought of Twilight, with respect- I have to say I go a little deeper in the concept. I take it too seriously, my mom has actually been worried if I get to obsessed, and turn into a vampire. Which means I can never be with God, and she's very religious. I never plan anything ahead of when I'm 18. My gut is just telling me it's true. I don't like it for Edward's "sexiness", like most people do. People tease on it, and I get extremly mad, when I read the book, I feel like I'm her, every personality trait relates to me. I know I sound crazy, but if there wasn't Stephenie Meyer- no twilight, if there's no twilight, I'd be an old stick in the mud, bored to death.. X(

Ofcourse, he is "sexy" but there is so much more to him, that I crave

I know exactly what you mean. I have given up on trying to make my family and friends understand, I just have to accept that no one besides all of you will ever understand my deep and true LOVE for all things Twilight.

and thats why were all here. To talk about twilight together!  lol thanks for sharing:)
I love Twilight, I am twilight crazy, I love Edward, he is a real gentleman, the way you want a man to be, gentle and understanding, and he smiles, i just melt.  My daughters and my son, were crazy about Twilight, and I thought what is this all about, so when I was home sick one day, I thought I will watch it, then the next New Moon, then Eclipse, that was it I was hooked.  So I went out and bought the books all of them.  I even have the Edward doll, on my bedside table, my husband said, he will need to get Edward tattooed across his forehead, because I just love Edward.  I know some of my friends and husband think I am kind of crazy, but who cares, I love Twilight and Edward, and cannot wait for Breaking Dawn.
Hahaha i cant wait either! breaking dawn was my favorite book by far. And thanks for sharing:)
I know how you feel. My aunt is the same way. I love the saga and other books like it. Such as The Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, and other vampire and werewolf books. I dont really try to explain it to my aunt because she is too religious and she thinks I will get corrupted by reading things like that. I wish you good luck on explaining to your family. Maybe you should get them to read the book and then they will probably understand then.


I know how you feel, my girls love it, and my son loves it, but the rest of the family are over it.  And, I get annoyed with them, because they just dont understand.  I cant tell you how much I love twilight, i love the story, the characters, Forks,  just everything about Twilight, even the names.  I know it might sound stupid to some people, but they dont understand, and if i do talk about it they laugh, and think I am crazy, I wont say I am pocessed, but I just dont know how to explain it.  I try to keep things to myself instead of talking about it, that way, I dont get laughed at, or made fun of.  Because some people just dont understand.  I watch the movies when I am on my own, when there is no one home, I cant count how many times I have watched them all, and the books, I just keep reading them, and still find them very interesting every time I read them. 


So just try to keep things to yourself, get a book, write in your book, your feelings, and what you are thinking about Twilight, this might help.


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