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so i love twilight. who on this website doesn't? haha but my family and friends dont really understand why i love it so much. they dont say it but i know they think im kinda nerdy or whatever for reading the saga over and over again. they just dont get it. but i love twilight for more than just the vampire falling for the human girl and all the wild things that go on with it. I love twilight for the writing style, for the way you become emotional attached to the characters, like they are real people in real places. I love it for the depth and knowledge in the books. Its so much more than that. Its just frustrating not being able to talk about with the people that mean the most to me (no offense you guys are all great too) it just i dont know what todo.. and suggestions?

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thank you. that really helped me see your side of things. And i agree thats how people treat me when i talk about it too.
SAAAME. It's particularly annoying when they won't even read it to find out how good it is and why I like it so much, coz they might feel the same if they gave it a go.

I think the book idea is great, and you will be amazed, what you actually write and take note of, it is amazing what you are thinking about the story and the characters, so try it, give it a go.


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