The Twilight Saga

Bella’s the 500th vampire. She promised to the Volturi never to change a human or she’ll die. But suddenly she meets Edward and she wants to change him so she will never have to
lose him.



The lust was bigger than my obedience to the Volturi’s command. I couldn’t think of anything but him. He was my destiny. My soul companion. To lose him, would be to lose myself. The eternity of
life would be meaningless. He had to be mine and mine alone. Now and forever!

What do you do when you have no choice but to obey your heart?!

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I would love to read it :)
Keep it comin !!!!!!!!!!! I thnk u guys lke keepin me in suspense wid these stories!!!!!!!!!!!! UR DRIVN ME CRZY
OMG................................................. Bella, watch ur step,babeh.....!!!!
Write more.............
keep going...
thats really cool
More please.
I'll write more once I get a hold of time ;)
School -_-
Chapter 1: The Volturi Command

Bella POV
I felt afraid standing in front of the Volturi. Being a newborn vampire, I still knew the power and influence they had in the vampire world. A sort of vampire royalty, you might say. They enforced the vampire law. Their names were Aro, Marcus and Kaye. Aro was the voice of the Volturi. He spoke in their name. Kaye was impulsive and made decision on rage and lust for power. Marcus… Well Marcus seemed bored all the time. Like eternity somehow brought him no pleasure anymore, like nothing brought him pleasure anymore.
I carefully observed every detail of their perfect faces when Aro spoke.
“I hope you understand why we are telling you this?”
“I’m not sure….” I replied with a shaking voice. I was scared.
“There are already too many of our kind. Since most of us feed on human blood, if any more vampires are created the human race could easily be extinct in a couple of years. We can not take that risk!”
“I think I understand now… But what will happen if I brake you command?”
Aro opened this mouth to answer me but Kaye was faster.
“You will die!” said he with his familiar loathing tone.
My eyes were filled with horror. The thought of death now when I was an immortal was unthinkable. Vampires can only be killed one way and one way only. By being torn to pieces and burned. There was no other way. No easy way out. Though scared to death I controlled my emotions and quietly accepted the Volturi’s command.
“I still have one more question” I said with my voice shaking. “What if I have no choice but to change someone?”
“There are no excuses. No concessive circumstances!” replied Marcus with his monotone voice.
Then I knew that the conversation was finished. But something inside me told me that I should deeply fear them. That someway, somehow, soon I would be running from them. For a reason I did not know yet.
Very good. Update soon.
Awsome tnx ;)
i like the orignal version wid edward as the vampire.....


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