The Twilight Saga

Heyy ya'll!!!!! just wanted to see how obsessed everyone is! I realize just now that some one just made a discussion like this, but I want pictures of your OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder) hahaha. Here is how obsessed I am...

My crappy loan-out copy of the saga (top), My box set (Bottom left), Complete Box Set that I just won at a Raffle (after my box set, i might give it to my bff for her birthday), the guide and the graphic novel (I also have a first edition copy of bree tanner but that is being loaned out)


















My dvd's (the second new moon at the bottom I also won at a raffle)




















Better look at my Target 2-disc special edition eclipse dvd and the collectible cards inside




















Obsessed With Dance shirt w/ twilight letters


Wolf and Cullen Crest Charms


















Guitar Pick necklaces (Runs with Wolves and Bitten) and eclipse special edition gum packs

















Reverse side of guitar pick necklaces (Twilight Kiss and Lion and lamb) and other eclipse special edition gum pack
















Team edward bracelets




















New moon bracelets (New Moon and "You're not the first monster i've met")





















Eclipse Calender



































eclipse poster











































My iBooks collections...The Twilight Saga Complete Collection (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, & The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner), The Guide, and all those PDF's are the ones from Steph's website (midnight sun, emmett and the bear, narcotics, shopping with alice, etc., etc., etc...)









































All my twilight apps! (All them that are available =)





So comment and post some of your OCD photos!!!



UPDATE****** (Got some new stuff!!)













Awsome stickers from (I absolutly love the twi-hard one)





















New Moon Board Game!!!!



Marry Me/ Change Me bracelets <33333
















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WOW...I never knew that ALL that was available. I thought I was doing good with all the books and what videos were available and I'm still reading the official illustrated guide. Has anyone manufactured the Volturi Neck Emblem, while I hate them (and hope SM writes about the "final battle")  I think it would be cool to have one of those emblems.
You are doing awesome hahaha. I'm just insane. I looked around for your necklace and I found this i'm not sure if you'd want it from a real website instead of amazon but this is the best I could find. Also you might like this,, this is the only authorized (By Stephenie Meyer) Bella's bracelet. It's really pretty, but a little pricey. I plan to buy it over the summer. Hope this helps!
Thanks, a little insanity is the spice of life! The Volturi Necklace in the film looks much more elaborate (I'll go check the movie again) but I'll probably get two of these one for my 17 yr old grandaughter (Son's side) who is Team Jackob, has posters of Lautner all over her room! She is a discus thrower and will likey go to State her senior year if she doesn't sprain another ankle. My own grown daughter will get the bracelet. She is the one who introduced me to Twilight and is beautiful (has her mother's genes) and a handgun licensing instructor in Houston, primarily working with females who have been psychologically conditioned to fear guns thus making them victims waiting for a perp to attack them!  They have a group called "Pistol Packin' Mommas" who have decided NOT to be victims, an important thing not to be in Houston! LOL
WOWZA! Imma have to take some pics but my collection is NO where as big as yours XD
Yea!!!! I wanna see everyone else's insanity!

u got some awesome stuff i will take some pics and put them on here i think i am just as obssessed!  i would love to have some of the things u have!

Hahaha. You could probably get the movies/books/calendar/poster anywhere. The bracelets are at hot topic and other places, gum packs no longer available, guitar pick necklaces I got at great wolf lodge on a vacation… it was so weird hahaha and the apps/iBooks are obviously at the app store. Oh and idk where I found the dance shirt but I got the charms with the bracelets.
Hahaha I'm so excited bc I just got the Marry Me/Change Me bracelets!!!!!!
these r a few things
i love the cake!!!!! ahhh! sooo cute!!!
I want your cake! It looks yummy on its own, but then add Edward... Double yummy! ;D


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