The Twilight Saga

Has the twilight saga made you obsessed? If it has reply to this and tell me about your obsession(s).

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it hasn't made me obsessed i became obsessed just a little!  noone asks me anymore what i would like for my birthday or christmas because they know what to get me!!!!  lol

Well because of my age 40 something I am a Twilight obsessed with the books but I am more of a Carlisle Cullen fan I can

picture him with any of the women characters in Twilight in a romantic way just not Esme but Isabella, Alice, Rosalie that is my fanatasy.  Also my fanatasy is with Carlisle like it would be in Esme's  her shoes to be with Carlisle and like younger girls with Edward they would like to be in Isabella's  her shoes with Edward.

he is after all 23 in vampire years when he was turned even tho he is 364 years old.  So he could be with any of the women

in Twilight not much age difference between the rest of the women in books.  I like Edward too. 

Perhaps not obsessed with Twilight, but with vampires, buying both seasons of "The Vampire Diaries", and watching a bit of "True Blood" (too depressing) and having read a dozen other books from different authors about vampires, and of course all the Twilight books and videos (currently released). However, I decided I wanted to write my own book about "good vampires" and it's title is, "Immortal Relations", which is currently being published. I'm currently working on the second book in the series. So, yes...obsessed with vampires!
wow that is awesome! What are your books about? I'm also writing a book about vampires too and hopefully it will be published at the end of this year. I want to be a writer for my carrer. I'd love to here more about your books :)
My draft "Overleaf" says: This is a love story about those who, having been turned into vampires, maintain (or find) their humanity, through service to the human world they left behind. The bravery and dedication these entities display rivals that seen on great battlefields thoughout human history. Yet these good soldiers fight the fight to safeguard the humans while considering themselves damned for all eternity. The selflessness this duty requires is delved into as is the argument against their damnation and it is hoped that the thoughts on salvation will help those still human as well as vampires. Our good vampires "live"  loving one another with a closeness that most humans could only wish for. There is violence, but it is that attempted by enemy vampires against the weak, and the innocent whilch our extended vampire family does its utmost to thwart. Our mated vampires share their openly explicit sexual lives without reservation or shame, even exchanging the pelasureable feelings between partners through a mental bonding. One lead character, recently transformed from human to vampire brings some human baggage of sexual mores with him into his new existance; however, as he accepts the differences of the vampire world, he loses that prudishness to a degree which might shock those who remain bound to such mores, so a warning: THIS IS AN ADULT STORY AND IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN. My reviewers have stated they love the fact that my vampires don't harm humans or animals to get the blood they need and specifics on the medical issues, including the birth of the first full vampire child. 
sounds amazing, ide buy it lol:D
The reason why I made this blog is well so I can also share my obsession(s). I agree with Vicky, but I don't want to be in Esme's shoes I want to be in Alice's shoe.
ya i'm the same as you Twihard Cullen Loves Robward I have all the twilight crap. and i allways dream about it.
All the twilight lovers are grade A in my book I don't care what people say about you! You are a;; great!

I've been obsessed with Twilight since February 2010 when I read the books. God, that got me started that did haha. Ever since then I've been round the clock obsessed :) I'd love to live in the Twilight world. I realised when I became obsessed with Twilight it actually helped me in a lot of ways. It got me reading books more and I now have hundereds in my room stacked up on each other. It also got me thinking that I could become a writer one day and hopefully I will. I've already started on my carrer. I've been writing a book called Pieces of the Soul. It will be in a series of 3 books. But I'm getting off the subject. Twilight is the best thing that has ever happened to me. If you met me before I loved Twilight you would have thought I was boring and kind of annoying haha but now Twilight has given me hope in finding the right guy pobably not as perfect as Edward Cullen but pretty close anyways. It also gave me a massive interest in reading. I LOVE IT! haha. Anyways that's my story on why and how I am obsessed with Twilight. I'll be obsessed with Twilight till the day I die.

im obsessed..I dream and daydream about Twilight i have all of the books and all of the movies and i hope to get t-shirst and stuff... and i LOVE  EDWARD SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
tam I hope you become a writer and if you do i'll so read your books


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