The Twilight Saga

Has the twilight saga made you obsessed? If it has reply to this and tell me about your obsession(s).

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Is your book about different authors vampire novels or just SMeyers?

My book is totally unique and only references the Volturi as what they are: "the Tuscan Scum", it has nothing to do with SM or any other author's vampires: for example, mine monitor the nearby city. If they see a crime being committed or an "out-of-control" vampire attacking someone, my vampires stop him or her (leaving a pile of ash if it was a vampire attacking). My vampires do not harm humans or animals to get the blood they need to exist (I won't give away how they get the blood as it gives away too much of the story - but those who have read my book say, "why hasn't anyone else thought of that!)" The book is NOT for children as there is extremely explicit "togetherness" in it, as well as battles against a gang of vampire terrorists who attempt to steal nuclear and biological weapons to use as blackmail on various governments, and, in the case of the nukes, against the good vampires. "Immortal Relations" is the title and it should be available through Amazon in October.

It sounds like a vampire book version of 24 :D I'll put it on my list of books to get :)
I like that analogy, Jack Bauer as a vampire would be the ultimate for sure! While the first book in my series may not be 24, I think you'll like it...the "Residency" (where the good Vamps "live") has a garage of cool vehicles, Bugatti Veyron, AMG Mercedes, two ultra-rare, ultra-expensive and ultra-fast Ferrari 599 GTO's. A Lamborghini MurciAlago LP G70-4 Super Veloce and (my favorite) the 553 horse power, four-wheel drive, Bentley Flying Spur. American cars include Corvette ZR-1, Shelby GT-500KRs (one new & two from the 60's)and of course an original GT-40 that won at Le Mann. There are others, Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Saloons for transporting VIPs. The 16 year old vampire, Eviana, loves racing her Fiat Abarth 500 SS through the narrow streets of Prague, at night, where much of the first book takes place. However, there is a lot of action in and around London and a hell of battle against "terrorists" in Russia. I'm writing the second in the series now.
Wowza! Are you hoping to get a movie made based on  it? Where abouts in London? (I'm a londoner).
There is a battle against a vampire gang (which for obvious reasons is identified as a "terrorist cell") at a British Army Nuclear Storage Facility (undisclosed location, but not too far from London) and an awards presentation to a Czech Colonel as well as to "Adam" (my vampire son, the first ever born to vampire parents) both of whom aid the Brits in the battle. Awards are presented at the White Tower of the Tower of London Complex. Both characters have a very close relationship with British Army and Royal Royal Marines as they are Czech Liaison Officers to them, later becoming NATO Liaison Officers. Since you are a Londoner, you'll like the high praise given throughout the book for what England did in WW-II. I've only been to London once myself and that was while I was in the U.S.A.F. I mention a bunch of  British aircraft in the book. As for a movie, I wrote Magdalena, the main female character with  Kate Beckinsale, of the "Underworld" Series in mind. She is both beautiful and athletic. Females are the most important characters in most of the book (as it should be IMHO). Both females and male characters are busy in the fighting to protect the Residency; my character, "Gary Logan" does much of the battle planning since I have a rather extensive military background. 
The above has said it is "Saving" for 30 minutes. Perhapse it was too long, anyway, I think you'll love what the book says about Great Britian and what takes place there. An awards presentation is made at the White Tower of the Tower of London Complex for two main male characters, one vampire & one human (who later elects to become a vampire). I'm a VERY BIG fan of England and I wrote the main female character for Kate Beckinsale if it ever becomes a film; she is both beautiful and athletic in the Underworld Series (of course my books won't be anywhere as "dark," but I'm sure she could play the main good female vampire in my books). If it becomes a movie, I'd like the filming to be mostly done in London and surrounding areas, but some will need to be done in Prague and it's surrounding area.
I cant believe im saying this, but, totally. I am totally obsessed with Twilight. If I ever see, hear, or speak of anything from Twilight like Vampires, Wolves, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Edward, Jacob, Bella, or anything else involved with Twilight, I cant and wont stop talking or thinking about The Twilight Saga. I probably watched Twilight 3 times, New Moon 2 times, Eclipse 5 times, this week. Im OBSESSED and I need help!!


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