The Twilight Saga

Is there anything in your lives that you have become so completely obsessed about besides this book series?

I can honestly say that nothing, absolutely nothing, has struck a chord in me like this series in all my life...I wonder why it is that so many people, of so many different age groups and walks of life, have been so drastically(sp?) moved by this story?

What do you think?

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I have no clue, but I agree.. I was going about my life, working on my masters, then I decided to pick it up and give it a try... read the entire series in 7 days (calling friends daughters to see if they could lend me the copy cause the library didnt have it)... I have read it through 3 times since Oct 3, and starting my 4th. I dream about it, i think about it, it's all I want to talk about, I have late assignments (which i have never had before) im driving my coworkers insane, my 7 and 4 yr old are now addicted to the movie, and my hubby thinks Im nuts. Never has a book moved me so much, never had i read a book more than once. But Im happy as pie, so oh well!! :)
this sounds so familiar. I only picked the books up two weeks ago and read them all back to back in four days. I've got a 4 year old and a 2 year old so don't think I fit the demographic teenager either! Husband also thinks I'm totally loonie and quite mad that I've been re-reading them all ever since. I'm just so gutted that I didn't get a ticket for the special New Moon event tomorrow in Battersea Park, and that's where I got married!!! Boo.
The two boys I have at home are 15 and 12 and think I've gone mad as well and can't see what the fuss is all about. My husband doesn't notice what I read I don't think. If he does, he doesn't mention it. They all just know I'm always reading something.
I picked up New Moon too early in September to brush up before the movie. Obviously I had plenty of time to read them all again and was just thinking of picking it up again before next weeks premier. I'm not waiting in line Friday night, but took the next week of Thanksgiving off, so will go to a matinee with mom and sister and neices, for sure - probably more than once.
I think its the love between the two that draw people to it! Not to mention the fact that the battle of good and evil thats inside Edward! The truest line in the whole book the lion fell in love with the lamb! Its like saying the angel fell in love with a demon! But i don't agree with the them loosing there soul because if that were true then he could of never choose the good!
Yeah...I have to believe that this will go down as one of the greatest love stories of all time...
I agree! NO NO NO NO writer has ever put to paper and screen the raw emotions of a love story the way she did! Then they choose actors that could really expess those emotions and show them on screen like i've never seen! You can feel the love, anger, hate ,and fear through the whole saga! I read as fast as I could and it was never fast enough for me!
I couldnt have put it better really, has to be classed in the greats, romeo and juliet, ect....but i have no clue as to why this is so addictive, reading all the comments your all as batty as me, picked up the book and now cant put them down, its very strange but i do beleive that all women want is a guy like this and its struck such a chord with female kind, in a world where men are so confused as to where they fit in and lets face it ladies we are not exactly clear on what we want. along comes this character that epitamises all our hopes and dreams in one person. suddenly we all know what we want....edward! kind, thoughtful, strong, emotional, loving, ........*sigh*.......hes just not out there though is he? so he has been captured in a book that all of us can have.
Yeah...I agree 100%
Well both are in the same wave length. that is what I think too. How sad it is to know exactly what we want and not be able to have and even to make worse know that our Edward is not out there. Perhaps next lifetime...
I've even read all the outtakes on Stephenies site. There are some of them that she should have left in the books. The movies would be 6 hours long each if they tried to fit everything in, but as long as they get the emotional turmoil between the three of them, then it should work.
I think it touches a cord in all of us things we want but never seem to find the love and devotion that Bella and Edward show us are things that we secretly yearn for but all ways in the wrong places. added in is the tragedy of impossible odds and choices and it touches are imagination and transports to another place.


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