The Twilight Saga

Is there anything in your lives that you have become so completely obsessed about besides this book series?

I can honestly say that nothing, absolutely nothing, has struck a chord in me like this series in all my life...I wonder why it is that so many people, of so many different age groups and walks of life, have been so drastically(sp?) moved by this story?

What do you think?

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i have absolutely no idea why. but i totally agree with the way you feel 100 percent. its not only the book series for me though.. the movies too. i know new moon is not even out yet. but i am going crazy waiting for it. ugh. but i am with you all the way. absolutely nohting has struck a chord in me like all the twilight saga books. but i love it.
lol..i wonder the same thing..i got almost all the gurlz in2 thiz book..i have my grandma, 2 sisterz && cousinz runnin 2 the computer wenever i find another preview we haven't seen b4..
Nothing compares to this.
I can completely agree!!! I have never been so obsessed over anything like Twilight!!!! I' driving everyone crazy!!! I even have my co-workers counting down to New Moon!!!!
I can't put it down, but it feels so good to get out of the real world.
Boy, isn't that the truth!! This story does make a wonderful escape!
I was as obsessed with Harry Potter.. (or.., I sill am....)
i got no idea, but i agree with you, i can't even find the word t0 say, but i'm quite sure that all this is about the love story in the Movie, & books, we are all wanting something that we can not have in the reality, a reall lover...! SICH!
Obsession or in another form … passion. I’ve had many … most lasted for a season in my life, brought with them friends for that part of my life’s journey, and then I or they moved on. Some passions and the friends who embrace them with me continue to this day. My advice to all … embrace your passions but keep your balance. But most important, beware of those who have no passions in their life!
Personally it went the same... I had seen the comercial and seen about twilight everywhere but never really paid any attention to it... one day in my office a friend send me a pdf book to my email, it was in spanish, i didnt conect the title to twilight, it just said "amanecer por s.meyer" and i thought, 'urgh, im not gonna like it'... I started reading and i got so into it that i didnt do much work (shame on me!) and just kept reading... one day a coworker asked me about it and i told her and she's like "your reading the twilight book in spanish?" and i was like "twilight? no!" but i looked it up online and yeap... i was reading twilight. I got a hold of the other books and i feel in love with them... now i cant help myself, i investigate, i read and read and read... ive read them 4 times already!!! my kids are small, 3yr old and 1 yr old... my husband is going nuts since i redecorated our house, specially my bedroom with twilight stuff all over the place... my whole house has pics of the series, i bought the books, the journals, blankets, tshirts, everything! lol...

I think that inside, I want a love story like theirs... the oportunity to love someone eternity, litteraly... plus, the emotions in the book are so real... the love is so pure... it just keeps pulling me into it, deeper and deeper... I love Edward Cullen so much... I called out his name by accident when I was with my husband once... he got so angry at me, he went to sleep in the kids room for a couple days... But i cant help it... Something about him makes me love him.. and unfortunatly for me, I have a friend who looks so much like Rob Pattinson that I told him that if he let me call him Edward, I would marry him!!! jajajaja... of course, i would never do it but... I love Edward so much... Im in love with a ficticion (is that a word?? lol) character!!! and im not ashamed of it!!! thats crazy!!!
I am obsessed as well. I think the stories help me deal with a lot of stuff in my life right now. It's kind of an escape. I think about it when I first wake up and when I go to sleep at night. I read all books several times, my husband tries to be understanding but he does not get how you can read the same book 10 times. I started reading the series at the end of August and have been reading the books ever since, just taking turns. I have tried reading other stories but I can't get into them. I don't think there is an easy answer to why this story is addictive. Edward is a huge part of it. Besides being so good looking he is so very kind and understanding and good to the core. He would never do anything to hurt Bella and his love is eternal. He tries so hard to be good and selfless. Then there is Bella. Although I am a lot older I can relate to her. I understand the way she thinks. She looks through people's facades straight into their hearts and sees them for what they really are. She represents the inner strengths that a lot of us have and are not aware of. She starts as a regular teenager who does not think much of herself (I think most of us felt that way at one point in our lives, I know I did) and turns into this amazingly strong character. She finds out what she is made of, that is so very interesting to me. I love how the story is written in the first person, it helps us to really relate to her. The whole theme of good versus evil. Overcoming evil. Passion, eternal love, sex. In addition Stephanie does a fantastic job writing about Edward's and Bella's intimate moments without ever discussing the actual sex part. The way she describes Edward touching / stroking Bella. Wow... it takes my breath away every time.


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