The Twilight Saga

Is there anything in your lives that you have become so completely obsessed about besides this book series?

I can honestly say that nothing, absolutely nothing, has struck a chord in me like this series in all my life...I wonder why it is that so many people, of so many different age groups and walks of life, have been so drastically(sp?) moved by this story?

What do you think?

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Oh trust me I totally undestand what you mean!!! Thats the same thing with me. I debate with my self about it since its the same person but they are so different I think its just that we relate the image we have from Edward in the book to his face in the movie and thats what makes him amazing. And Robert does not really look like Edward. I dont know its complicated!!!! But you have to tell what channel you saw it at!!! PLEASE!! I watch both English and Spanish channels and have not seen it yet!!! Im spendng more time in front of the TV just waiting!!! please let me know!!!
I think because its a very touching love story between two "people" that shouldn't have fallen in love but did and they have to overcome major obsticales to be able to live happily together but in the end their love is to strong to be destroyed by blood thirsty newborn vampires, vengeful vampires, the volturi, and even Bellas dad and jacob! Im also obsessed with The Host (soon to be made into a movie) also written by none other than Stephenie Meyer!
Nope... I once started reading the Harry Potter books... I got a little into it bue not like Twilight... and its not Twilight but its Edward... My day doesn't feel right if I dont read something or hear something from Edward...
Same here... I cannot go to sleep unless I read from the books, right now Im reading Midnight Sun yet again... and then Im going to start with Twilight again and so on...
oh yeah that me i never thought i would get caught up in any kinda mania but this series knock me for a loop im 27 and i feel like a kid when im reading these books i get excited and mad its nuts. my step dad teases me
My kids and family think I'm nuts. Never, never I thought an obsession could become this big. I loved Pride & Prejudice's love story (which Stephenie Meyer got some of her inspiration from) and watched it over and over again. I am not by far in the young age group, but when I first saw Twilight I didn't see age and that it was high school, it's their love story that reaches deep inside of you. You either want to go back to your first love or have someone love you like Edward loves Bella. The pain Edward feels before he realizes she will take him no matter what he is, tears you up. We love Edward as a vampire because not only is he gorgeous and perfect physically but because he is a good person that struggles being what he is. He hypnotizes and attracts you to him even if you are not in the movie. We all wish we could have an Edward even as a vampire. I have watched the Twilight movie at least 50 times and have lost a lot of sleep reading the books. Right now after finding this site, I have given up doing much at all because all I want to do is look at pictures of Edward (Rob) and discuss him with others. I have seen many romantic movies before but this series will go down as THE MOST romantic movie ever. I hope the New Moon dvd comes out real fast after the movie because the withdrawal is going to be awful. I LOVE EDWARD!
Very well said! I never "saw" the high school age either...I, too am in an older age group and believe it's the "timelessness" of the story (the love involved) that has grabbed me.
Nope I love the books they are the best. lol
Im pretty sure I have alot. But nothing comes to mind for me right naw. lol
i think that the story of two people loving each other without even thinking about theirselves is what have drown so many people!!!in this society this is something so rare and inexplicable!!furthermore,i guess it analyzes so many subjects and it contains all forms of reading pleasure!!love,frinedship,the relationship of a family,romance,action,mythological creatures!!!it intrigues so many groups!!
i did actually obsessed over 1 boyband before, but now...i'm totally obsess with twilight saga and EDWARD CULLEN....oh gosh...


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