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Of all the characters in Twilight (saga), why do you think people are more interested in Edward’s character?

The story is about Bella, right? So I assumed that people are going to talk more about her. But when the movie came out, people are buzzing about Robert Pattinson!

Do you think it’s the character or the actor that people are more interested in?

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the actor,rob is hot but edward' personality and the love between edward and bella is another reason so...both
For me its the character, I fell completely in love with him before I even saw the movie. His eternal struggle for right and wrong. His ability to love so unconditionally...

Then I read Midnight Sun and knowing now how he felt, what he was going thru I think I love him even more.
same here,,,,

I feel like, I know him even before the movie came out... then I love him even more after I watched the movie...
Yeah, I know what you mean. When I first started reading the series, before I even finished the book I was in love with Edward. I dont know alot about Patterson but I am glad that he plays Edward becuase he is so cute.
Well I think both, but some say that the actor and others that the character.
I think it´s the combination of both... Edward is the most perfect caracter ever made...he´s a gentleman...a romantic...and his love for Bella impresses us...Robert Pattinson IS Edward...and he is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS... Edward/Pattinson is the perfect man...the boyfriend that every women would love do have...! Only a woman (Stephenie) could create such a perfect man...!
totally agree,,,, I can't imagine Edward w/o seeing Rob's face... he's gorgeous ^o^
rob is perfect for the character .. he has this aura of a real vampire .. plus his face. he is so convincinq and i love him BOTH
I saw the movie before I read the book. When I saw it I fell in love with Edward and Bella´s love story...and thought Edward was just perfect...but, after I read the book...I fell in love WITH Edward...he´s is just too perfect in the book...!
Both lol
Oh my gosh me too! LOL I never thought that I would really like Twilight. My bf had to talk me into watching it and after that I was in love! Their love story is so amazing not to mention Edward's undying (literally) love for this girl who in turn would do anything for him. It rekindled my love for vamp shows I haven't been interested since Buffy went off the air. The book really brought it together for me though.
i'm interested in bella too!!!but i think that everyone loves edward 'cause he's a vampire!!!he is beautiful and he protects bella more than can imagine!!!so it make sense why people are inerested in edward!!well that's my opinion!


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