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I understand that not everyone here celebrates Christmas, and I mean absolutely no disrespect to those who don't. But for those who do, I was just curious as to how everyone will be celebrating this year? What are some of your favorite traditions?

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For us we go to the forest every year with the kids to pick the tree, then it gets decorated while they are asleep so when they get up its all christmassy! We have no other real traditions apart from christmas morning we open a tin of family circle biscuits to have while opening presents and the tin of sweets doesn't get opened till christmas eve!
My favorite traditions are definitely decorating the tree, which has to be big :), baking cookies with my mom and sister, basically doing all the preparations for Christmas while there's Christmas music in the background, the smell of delicious food filling the air, holiday lights and ornaments everywhere I look, ..., it's just that "Christmas is coming" feeling that makes everything so much better and the whole family coming together, and this year we have one more reason to look forward to Christmas since my sister is having a baby girl around that time, so we're all excited :) I'm going to be an aunt :) !!!
Im from Estonia and our traditions here are pretty different than the other countries have, I think. We are eating bloodsausage :D actually it's really good :D and gelatine jelly ( that's my favourite :D )Our Christmas presents are waiting for as on 24th Dec evening under the Christmas tree and then we open them.
I love hearing about the traditions from other countries!!
I'm used to live in Idaho and I used to butcher our own beef and pork. I used to make blood sausage and scrapple. My kids love scrapple. We used to do this on Thanksgiving. I'm back in Illinois now and my family really misses doing this on Thanksgiving.

On Christmas we usually have a big breakfast with my grandmother's hot cider recipe and then go over to my parents house for dinner. My sister's family is also there. I usually go over to my inlaws on Christmas Eve. It's pretty busy. On my husband's side there are 13 nieces and nephews it's very loud but fun.
Well we dont get presents on Christmas.....We have another tradition to receive gifts.
I was initially going to celebrate xmas in Curacao but I decided to go surprise my mom back in Holland, she misses me so much and I've only been gone 2 months.
We have xmas breakfast, me, 2 of my sisters, their kids(3+1) and my mom. Then at night we have a family diner. Al of my 4 sisters and my brother (and their dates), me and my mom(only ones single this year yet again :( ). A big ass turkey, a lil bit of ham for the non-vegetatians(ME). Lots of veggies....well you get the picture. Lots of sangria!!! Hahahaha
After that we talk, drink, snack until the late hours of the night. Usually watch some stephen king movies.

Me myself just join them for their sake(especially my mom), I dont really feel the xmas spirit. Haven't for years.
I have 2 little boys, ages 6 and 9. So, we usually wake up whenever and then tear into gifts. I try to get them to eat somewhere in there-that can be quite hard because they want to play with their gifts. We usually chill for several hours, enjoy our gifts, then go hang out with family the rest of the day. We have dinner with the fam too. Pretty calm and laid back.
Calm and laid back...hmmmm sounds tempting!! Hahahahahahah with us its one ginormous mess! And the end of the night usually someone stormed out the door! WWhahhahahahaaa
We also do the Christmas tree and decorating. We usually go out and each of us pick out an ornament for Christmas each year. I put the boys' names and dates on them so that they can look back later and see what they were interested in at the time. The ornament thing is pretty cool. As the boys grow up, their tastes have changed. ?We have Scooby Doo, Darth Vader, Baby's first Christmas, etc.....Our tree is eclectic because the ornaments don't match, but it is nice and pretty anyhow! They really enjoy that tradition.
I find it so cute when my nieces and nephews decorate the tree! Nothing matches!! Hhahahahahah All kinds of colors and stuff! Its so cute!!
Well, for me, as I get older, the Christmas season means less and less about shopping and spending excess money and more and more about spending my time. Taking the time to visit with old friends I only see once or twice a year. Spending time with family I only see a few times a year. I just came home from my first Christmas party of the season with some former co-workers tonight and it was amazing!! I'm becoming more aware of the fact that time is fleeting, and, the moments I spend with these dear people can never be taken for granted, because they can never be replaced or re-lived. I love each and every one of them and wish I only had more TIME!

My hope for all of you is GREAT HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, and an OVERABUNDANCE of DEAR FRIENDS with which to share it all!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!
Okay so Im mexican. & how we celebrate christmas is all of my family from my dads side gets together on Decemeber 24. And we all make different likes of mexican or anykind of food. My family is huge so that means a lot of different things to eat in one night. Then we do a Posada. Being Catholic its kind of a tradition for when Jesus was gonna be born and Maria and Jose (spanish names) where looking for some where to stay. We sing songs outside of the house we get together at and then after singing a few songs we go inside and eat more food. Then at 12:00 am Christmas day we open presents. :)
& go to sleep like at 3 or 4. :) then Christmas day we just spend it with just are own families.


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