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Oh my gosh I hated how Jacob got into Edward and Bella's perfect chemistry.!!! I mean he left but to save Bella and it killed him so much.! BUT OH NO.!!! Jacob get;' in the middle of thing saying he love her kissing her.! And wasnt she like Edward's fiannce or something.? Well if it wasnt for that there wouldnt be a problem.!!! And Jacob could be less ugly in the mind to thing "Hey she with someone she really loves. Maybe I should just leave them b". Ugh.! Please tell me someone feels the same.


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I agree,that Jacob was in the way!I was glad when he finally imprinted on Nessie!
I totally agree that Jacob was in the way, he was a selfish little boy and Bella said she loved Jacob but it was only a weak echo of what she was capable of. Jacob was totally insulting, rude, vindictive, and had a smart mouth. But I also think that Bella was selfish and one-sided also. She seldom reprimanded Jacob for his insulting, rude remarks and coments to Edward and Alice. Yet she constantly reprimanded Edward if he said anything about Jacob. But I think that when Edward went hunting and left the note for her to take care of his heart he'd left it with her it was completely romantic and loving, yet the first thing she does is run to Jacob, the one thing that she knew would upset Edward so she was really very selfish.
I dont think jacob was ever ment for bella. He don't care about her like he says he does come one who treats some one like that. Eclipse after he takes her from the school and she tells him that the change will happen after graduation he tells her she is better off dead. Bella in New Moon understood her feelings for him she loved him like a brother. He manipulated her in Eclipse yes she would have loved him but she would have never been complete, she would have never been whole, should would have had bouts of happiness. Now don't get me started on the imprinting that was all kinds of wrong. I don't think Rennesme was ment for jacob thats just my opinion.
Yes Jacob was getting in the way. He is very immature and the opposite of Edward. Jake knows that she is with Edward and he should have put her feelings above his and say 'He is what she chose and I should respect that' That is definitely what Edward would have done instead of pushing himself in between them!
I think Jacob forced Bella to love the first day they met he thought Bella wants him because she flirted with him..then he grabs the opportunity when Edward leaves Bella..he used it as a way so that they can be together..he's intention was so clear..if he really wants Bella to love him,she should understand Bella's feeling..and if they meant to be together(which I doubt), he will just leave her because they have imprinting the long run,all the love he has for her will just vanish..he will just dump Bella.And Bella was clear to her feelings that he wants Jacob as friend but not a lover. He really forced her..and all that kissing in the tent,its just a way of Jacob to show Bella that she has loved for she will pick him not Edward..Of course he should be in the book so that there's a love triangle,and the story would be complicated..but in the end it would be Edward and Bella definitely..And Bella,on the other side..has been selfish herself..i think..she uses Jacob to ease her loneliness..she is not really that normal.but she loves Edward should not be imprinted by Jacob(i think), maybe it will be better if Seth imprinted on opinion only.
heck yea i deff feel the same way
it makes it intresting but u know edward still could kick jacobs butt if he goes to far
I totaly agre with you, he was always in the middle, i hate that! Jacob lose and he never understood that, he just tought about himself! it´s nice to now that there are more people who thinks the same


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