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okay confession time... did u skip the chapters that DIDN"T have edward in them in new moon?

ok ill amet:i didn't skip them i just didn't enjoy hearing aboute jacob so i shortend the reading of the chapters...

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im team edward but i didnot skip it
i mean i like jake thyr right 4 each other but edaer is just the 1
No, I did not skip any part of the books. You can not get the full effect without reading every word!!
First time i read the books i didnt skip but these days when im reading i just wanna get to edward, love hearing robs voice in my head when i read his lines of speech :)
I didn't skip the first time. I just peeped further on to be sure that he would come back. But it was still very hard because you so know that somewhere this must go wrong. What it did in Eclipse. Now it depends on my mood if I skip or not.
YES iI DoThat But Only When I Have Watched The Whole Movie First Then I Will FF The Parts W/O Edward
I did... when I read for the second time, third time, and other next time..
OMG.... i though i was the only one
why have have been all my life mate
my friends like jocob but its was too boring there was no chesmatry l;ike with edward lol


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