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okay confession time... did u skip the chapters that DIDN"T have edward in them in new moon?

ok ill amet:i didn't skip them i just didn't enjoy hearing aboute jacob so i shortend the reading of the chapters...

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lol so did i plus heard all in twilight
I didnt skip them. I dont actually have a problem with jacobs character. but i have to admit i wasnt that interested in that bit when theyre having that meeting and telling all the stories >.> but its got to be in there though :)
I agree (:
noooo!!! bah!!!!!!!!!!! who do that?
well I hate Jacob but I didn`t skip the chapters when he appears
YEs! i fully agree!! HAHA! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE??? hahah i hate how EVERYBODY almost loves jacob and hates edward. i dont understand.
i know!!!!!!
I didn't skip them either! Just like Charlotte I don't really have a problem with Jake, but that doesn't mean that I didn't hate him for a while *laughs*. I was really mad at him when he kissed Bella like that, but those parts are just necessary to make the books the way they are, so it's good that they are there. Although I have to admit that sometimes I got a bit bored because I wanted Edward :$.
haha agreed!
i did't skip them too, but then in Breaking Down I saw that the whole part is from Jacob POV I almost desided to stop reading, but then I made myself to read it and I don't regret
haha I can understand why :p. But it's good to read them though! Otherwise you miss some beautiful parts of the story!
that is true so i didn't skip them i wanted to but i didn't
ano sme but in Jacob p.o.v there are good parts but the thing I didn't like was hearing about all the predjudice against the cullens


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