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I think that most of us like robert pattison because of stephenie meyers.she gave us an edward we love and since robert plays him.

i dunno.i love robert but this though just came to me

wat do ya think?

dont get mad at me plz

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yh plz dont hate him coz im an edward and pattison fan all the way
v lll LV him BELLA no 1 cn chnge us lolzzz.......................!ha ha haaaaaaaaaa........!
okkk this a srt of WEIRD
bt see I GUSS U R RITE ..!ya ya ya
u r rite
BT SEEE I ALSO LYK HIM IN harry pttr as CEDRIC DIGGORY (bt that ws only coz i lykd him in TWILIGHT)
i cn say this sure coz the frst tym i saw HARRY PTTR (2 3 years b4)I DINT EVN NTICE HIM
recntly i again saw the mvie sooo thats whn I LYKD HIM AND NTICD
bt rite nw i am a DIE HARD OF EDWARD AND R-PATTZ
I agree... I have in my head what Edward should look like and Robert fits that... He plays the role so well that you can't hate him... Im a Rob fan though so that probably helps in the situation!
Well, I love both.
Team Edward and Team Robert 100%
I don't know but I love Robert because his always so cool,
like, in the interviews and everything.
And on the movies, like most of you, I LOVE HIM too.
I agree... His interviews are remarkable... He never acts like they are bothering him or anything he takes everything in stride!
You're asking if I like Rob because he plays Edward? Nope. I saw Rob in something called Ring of the Nibelungs before Edward (even before he played Cedric in Harry Potter GoF) and thought he was cute and good in the role and have kept my eye on him ever since.

He was brilliant in Little Ashes, and his role in How to Be was so endearingly awkward that I loved it from start to finish. If you've seen him in Remember Me, you'll know what I mean when I say that he continues to grow as an actor and he is destined to be successful well beyond Twilight and Edward.

His personality is charming too, and he seems to be intelligent, thoughtful, and extremely grounded for one of the most sought out actors on the planet.

So no, it's not all about Edward for me. I'd think Rob is amazing even if he never played my favorite sparkly vampire.
totally agree with you, i couldn't have said it better!
Ditto for me too!
shannon i see what you mean about Robert being cool in interview.he is dead funny but to me when i think of robert i think of edward and when i think of edward i think of robert.doesthat makes sence?
me, i would love the hero and the heroin of any movie, it's just lucky for us to have rob as edward in twilight !
Didnt understand a word of what you were asking, had to read everyone elses comments.

Im honest enough to admitt that I started to like rob cos of twilight, i have since seen all his other films.

Edwards character is perfect and means no man has a chance of capturing my heart whilst i have twilight to read and watch, Love rob as tyler in remember me, great role fantastic acting and he looks gorgeous. Looking forward to water for elephants as he looks gorgeous again with a new look.

But i do have to remember hes 24 and im 32 hmmmmmmm it could work tho lol


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