The Twilight Saga

if you had to chose between Edward Cullen (the character of the book) and Robert Pattinson as the true love of your life, who would it be?

I would go for Edward Cullen, I think I like Rob only because he played Edward Cullen.

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I would choose Robert Pattinson because he is really funny, he is super cute, he can sing like no other!, hes really nice. his personality seems really interesting. I love Edward too but I want Robert more lol
thats a different point of view, i must say
Edward Cullen WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!!

Rob Pattinson is OK but I think, for me, Edward makes him.
Robert Pattinson.. actually i saw the movies and just now i got the twilight bug and am reading the first book.
definitely Edward from the book
This didnt even take 1 full second 4 me 2 think about... definitely Edward Cullen
Oh. This question was asked by many people in many ways. But those question have a common. They all asked people to compare and choose between Edward and Robert. What silly questions. Rob's just a person, he has nothing to compare with Edward. I've answered the question many times. Of course I choose Edward.
- Firstly, because I'm so in love with Edward
- Secondly, because I'd not have even known Rob if he hadn't been chosen to play Edward in the movie. But I think his act's stink, he has embarrassed Edward by acting like that.
hehe, well thats kinda to the point...
I think rob and kristen are both decent actors, but its the story that has really had an impact on the masses.
only because Edward i a vampire and he would live forever and i couldnt cope with dying without him and all that.But i couldnt leave my mother, no way, not even for him.
At least Rob could be a part of my human life and we could have beautiful babies ;) lol x
edward has a baby too u know

I know...Robert is not interesting...But he interesting for me and I want be Rob's friend.....
Edward!!! No question


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