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Some people seem to be just too eager to criticize the Twilight saga whenever they get an opening. It's almost pathetic to watch as they spread the most hateful comments about the books.

One of the things they just can't stop talking about, is that Bella is in love with Edward because "he's hot." Of course, I think all of us here know all about how that's the wrong assumption to make.

I try to ignore the comments they make, but that doesn't usually work. I end up thinking about it for a long time.

So, what made you fall for him? His looks? Or his personality?

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What made me fall for him? Lets see... He's intelligent, charming, mysterious, sexy, strong, loyal, romantic, respectful, passionate in all he does... The main thing that drew me to love Edward, though, is his deeply conflicted nature. I feel for him. He’s been through such tough and dark times, from his earlier years, to his time fighting—sometimes literally—for what's right, especially regarding Bella. His love and care for her is impressive and pure—he’d sacrifice all of his existence just so she’s happy. Although he made his fair share of mistakes—mostly misguided decisions gone wrong—he always learned from them and grew. He’s incomparably brave, always seeming to face an unfathomable future with odds constantly against him—I admire his resilience. And even when he didn’t understand what there was to live for, he did it anyway. He faces the world with such little faith in himself, yet, for the people he loves, if nothing else, he strives to be better than the demon he thinks he is. He fights against the darker side of his nature, ready to do the right thing no matter what kind of past haunts him, and keeps moving on to be compassionate and good even if he believes he’ll gain nothing from it (like a chance at Heaven). It’s moving. There’s just something very…heartbreaking about Edward—in a good way (if that makes sense).


The world is, unfortunately, filled with too many people who aren't just eager to criticize the Twilight saga whenever they get the chance, but are eager to hate on anything, especially things with "too big" of a hype. It's really quite sad. Don't let anyone ruin anything for you, though. If they can't see the good in the series, and especially if they have to continue hating on it instead of just moving on, then that's they're loss. Not yours. Although, I've been a fan of the series for a long time, so the comments people make kind of get old after a while, and that does get irritating, lol. They get so nit-picky, reaching for any little, itty bitty thing to criticize. The key is to not let your annoyance for whatever they say get the best of you (and some say things just to get the fans heated). And as I told my brother when he started counting off all the "flaws" in the book... I said, "I can criticize and name every flaw about you too, but I wouldn't love you any less."


Anyway...the short answer would be "his personality". LOL

That is EXACTLY what made me fall in love with Edward !!!!  :)  You said it the best!~

personality matters more than looks because if Edward was human, he would turn ugly as he gets older right?  (we all know he won't LOL) so personality matters more :)

Yes, I agree with everything you've said. There is something heartbreaking about the way he refuses to lay in the place where he has fallen. The way he desires to do the right thing, the way he refuses to surrender to what he really's heartbreaking, yet immensely admirable.

It's amazing, isn't it, the way someone so strong, intelligent and beautiful can also be shockingly vulnerable? It makes me all the more defensive of him.

And it has only been about a year since I first read the books, so I'm not entirely used to snide comments right now. Some criticisms I can ignore, but some of them stand out more painfully that others. Especially the comments other writers make about Stephenie Meyer and her writing. (Stephen King just refuses to get out of my head. Urgh!) The fact that even some of her fans are halfhearted in terms of commitment, is just infuriating. Of course, it's fine to have an opinion, but the way these people inflict them so forcefully on us hurts a little. Like I said, I'm getting better at ignoring them, but I'm not there yet.

Sigh...there is something very wrong with the world we live in. Thanks for the advice, though. :)




hi Snow and Drizzle!

woww..miss hypnotized by golden eyes explained reallllly good! I just loved the character because of the qualities he portrays. I like the mysterious part of him. Hope that one fine day, SM will finish off Midnight Sun.

Hey Snow and Drizzle, since that you read a lot, you must have loads of ideas to write a story...Why don't you start one?  

I've tried writing a few bits and pieces, but I realized I don't like writing as much as reading. And it's very difficult for me to stick to a single story, I get bored all too easily. I happen to have a few ideas, but I'm not sure... Who knows, maybe I will give it a shot, sooner or later. :)
i falled for him because of his personality and the devotion he put into love and protection to me he is really not a vampire

I agree with you about Edward - his personality matched my husband's (scary but true).  If I didn't know any better I'd swear Edward and my husband were related.  I love Edward's attitude when it comes to Bella - he's very thoughtful and like you said he learns from his mistakes.  Five years prior to my marriage, my husband walked out of my life - but once he realized his mistake he didn't think I'd take him back - I did because I loved him and we were also best friends.  Also, like you as I read each book I understood Edward's feelings about his life and the life he wanted for Bella.  I also like the conversation between Edward and Jacob in Eclipse when Edward told Jacob that he wouldn't do anything to hurt Bella and that he knows that Jacob could take care of Bella - but he also told Jacob that it's hard being away from Bella which made Jacob realized that Edward did love Bella.  I also like the way Edward told Jacob that Bella was his and that he was going to fight just as hard to keep her and keep her he did.


Keeping Bella safe and happy is Edward's motive but he also had to deal with her stubborness and keeping Bella true to herself.  I love Edward mostly because he stayed with his morals by keeping the cardinal rule - NO FORNICATION!!!.  Once Bella began to get scared because time was nearing she understood that staying human as long as possible was a good thing and that she could still be with Edward no matter the circumstances.



I was always a sucker for someone with a great personality.  The guys who treat you like a queen and adore the ground you walk on are the ones for me.  Edward was so real with his emotions and wears them on his sleeve.  That is what makes him soo attrative.  The looks are a secound thought. 
I honestly never like someone for their looks. I swear I could go out with an ugly dude, if he has a great personality. But, ofcourse I won't because I waiting for Edward, call me dilusional, I call you non-twilighter. Anyway, off topic, Edward definitly has  an amazing personality, followed with a good looks, but that's not what I'm aiming for. If Edward was this rude, mean, "ugh" type of guy, I wouldn't like him. But, he isn't, and I glad how he is, just the way he is. :)
I"m not in love with him, but I am attracted to his personality.

You can't change everyone's opinion because that's just what it is an opinion.  You, me and a whole lot of others know the real reason Bella is in love with Edward.  Bella was immediately drawn to him as he was to her; although he wanted to kill her he couldn't stay away from her either.  Uncondition love is a strong bonded love that's unbreakable which is the type of love that Bella and Edward has for one another.

Thanks so much for replying. That honestly made me feel a lot better.

It's the same way for me, too. I just can't bear to ignore criticisms about Edward. It would have been fine if there was some truth to all the bashing, but considering the way they make it sound, you'd think he was the worst character ever created.

Some people are just too obsessed with spreading hatred. But I think even we have to agree, that there are too many divisions within the fandom. What with the members of a certain team occasionally basing another person of a different team... Personally, I don't object to forming teams. In fact, I'm proud that I'm a member of Team Edward. I think it is Stephenie's ability to create such vibrant characters, that makes us so enthusiastic about belonging to a team. But I do think the separation makes us easy targets for criticism.  


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