The Twilight Saga

Ok, Does anyone have any cool pics of Edward because the number of pics of him that I have of him is depresingly low. PLEASE HELP!

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i do have more
Sorry, I don't have any. Im still trying to get some.
Awesome Pic! Thanks. could you show me the other ones? If you want to, i mean. You don't have to.
Ok. Well, this is probably a great Discussion to go on if you want some.
not sure how to post them to you but i have a ton.
You see the camera on the top of the comment box, all the way to the right? Just click that and find your pics.
Here are some Edwards out of my plethora of Twilight pictures. :]

I have albums on here. If you wish you can see if there is any you might want a copy of. I got them off the album pg veiwing everyones pics.

Awesome! Thx guys!!!
no prob WOW kirsty i couldn't find pics that you didnt post up


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