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hi,im a writer.i am writing my novel and it does includes people from all over the world. i dont know what people name their children in some countries like korea so i need your help. i put real people in if you wanna be one in my book. plz do this things:

1.write the name you choose for being in my book

2.choose one of this:1.moonlight 2.diamond 3.mermaid 4.firey (if you are a boy you only choose greenline!)

3.say how do you want to be in my book(bad,cool,nice,...)

4.your talent

5.your country

i love you all.thanks you very kind to do this for me.

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could I put in a character ?
her name's Tammy, she's nice, popular, an amazing singer and she's from wales :) x
do you actually live in wales?
have all my life :)
Haha me too. did you enjoy all the snow XD ?
it was amazing
christmas holidays extended by another two weeks !
i loved it fair play :L
yuu ?
yeahh for the same reason aswell haha. it was brill :D how old are you then :)?
turned 16 last month xD yuu ?
turned 18 like 2 months ago lol [:
hi,thanks for writing that.plz choose one thing from diamond,firey,moonlight,mermaid
love you
I live in Wales too! I didn't think I would fine anyone else from Wales!


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