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hi,im a writer.i am writing my novel and it does includes people from all over the world. i dont know what people name their children in some countries like korea so i need your help. i put real people in if you wanna be one in my book. plz do this things:

1.write the name you choose for being in my book

2.choose one of this:1.moonlight 2.diamond 3.mermaid 4.firey (if you are a boy you only choose greenline!)

3.say how do you want to be in my book(bad,cool,nice,...)

4.your talent

5.your country

i love you all.thanks you very kind to do this for me.

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thanks,i will put you in.and carmen is a very beautiful name.
Odette is Korean, Mermaid, gorgeous, going through walls, Korea
thanks,realy.i love the name hayden
Yanikah Jerryin
Dancing and her mood changes the weather
Cayman Island
thanks,and cuz you choosed mermaid,you are able to change the you by.
1.Charlette Cirque
3.creepy\cool a cross bettween harly quinn and alice
4.Chamelion(adapt powers of any one whos in the vacinity a maximum combination of four at a time)
Have fun tell me how it goes hope i helped good luck!
thanks,i will put you in,you are so sweet.
1. Tình (that's my real name)
2. moonlight
3. Intelligent
4. Maybe a young girl genius. And can speak many languages. And play piano or violin very well.
5. VietNam (Việt Nam). A small country in Asia. You can google it. (That's where I live)
thanks so much,and i will put you soon.just that i dont know how to read your name.plz help me.
Uhm, you don't know Vietnamese, so it's complicated and very hard to tell. But my name's pretty rare. It means "love" in English. It sounds almost like "thing" or "think" but "think" sounds like my name better.
thanks,i think i get it.i will put you soon.


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