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Who else like me WOULD NOT scream if they met Robert Pattinson. Because A) hello, he may be gorgeous, a wonderful actor/person, and swoon worthy but he is still a human from this planet and is just the same as you and me. He needs food and oxygen to live. He is able to bleed. He is normal! on top of that he WANTS to be normal which leads me on to B) He doesnt like these girls screaming at him and probably exploding his ears (like they have mine, and I was watching it on youtube with the volume on low!) So they wouldnt scream around him because they care about him!

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People need to get a grip on reality and realise that 'celebrities' and no different to you or I. People that scream at them do my head in, and they get NO respect from the person they are meeting by screaming/crying/acting like a prat in front of them!
So true :-)
yah! for the sake of RpattZ! give the guy some peace..we all love him right? right!
Exactly my point, give the guy a break
Everybody needs to know that!!You're right,he's like all of us,he's human.We fell in love with him,loved him so much,because of his character in the Twilight Saga.He plays the prince of our dream,brings back the youth in most of us.But really,be realistic,he's human in every way we put him.We may freak,we may scream,we may cry,he's like you and me.
Please people, we all love him but give the guy a break
i think he is fine not GOD i'd just wait my turn to say hi like always when getting a autograph....screaming just makes them think your nuttzzz..
Exactly I'd hate it if someone shouted in my face!
I know its so crazy. All stars are normal human being & people go crazyyyyyyy. they are not gods & i agree with u because they eat, sleep, and breathe just like anyone else
But I also agree with you ..
uhm..its kinda can't control it..i really don't know, i never met him..still I'm hoping!


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