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Breaking Dawn Part 2 is being released this Novemer (2012) and i thought that although the books have finished, doesn't mean that twilight must end right?? I really think the story should continue and another film maybe in the future? I don't see why producers would not want to continue when twilight has been so popular and made so much money!!! I for one will be so sad to watch part 2 as it is the last one :( however, it looks amazing.....


Watch the Breaking Dawn Part 2 official full trailer:



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well, have u seen the new trailor?

Yeah i have! It looks brill! Cant wait :D

I really hope there is going to be more movies and books about the Twilight sereies!!!!!!

i totally agree. this series has made a huge impact on my life. it was there for me when no one was.

Yeah i agree aswell, it has been a huge impact on my life too! Its the first time i have read a whole series of books and not out them down. I cant believe it. I never read! lol but i cant put them down! lol I want to read them and watch the films over and over again!

I hear ya! Sometimes when it was time for school, in the really boring classes i would daydream about what would happen if i wrote a story like the Twilight Series! I've read the Twilight Book around 30 times in 3 or 4 years, its so good.

you've read it more than i have, but it makes you wonder about your love life that's for certain.


Twilight and Stephenie Meyer have both inspired me in so many ways! I now wanna be a writer and Twilight just gives me such a good feeling! And I would really like for the books and movies to be continued, and I hate for them to end, but that's just one of those things were so many books/movies will make someone sick of it. Kinda like Harry Potter, yeah I love Harry Potter but there has been so many books/ movies that I just got tired of hearing about it, and I think that not continuing is a smart move in the 'industry' I would absolutely LOVE to read another twilight book, but maybe just one more! I know right now you think that you would never get tired of Twilight but it's like a song, you love it, hear it to many times, and then move on to a different song. 

It lookz amazing!


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