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Post Your Edward and Rob photos here! Talk about Edward till your heart's content...

Hey this is Vicky here. I love Edward/Rob and this is just a blog where
you can talk about Edward or Rob and post photos and stuff

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I love him 2 death and alot of ppl dnt understand y but y nt!?!

love the quote!
I really like the pictures. Keep the pictures coming.
gosh i love edward so much i wish and desire that he was real i would treat him like a king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDWARD IF YOUR OUTTHER SOMEWERE MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X D
i dont know u guys ( i just wanted to add this) i feel that kristen stewart (i think that is how u spell her name sorry) well yeah i think that she is to cold for him i mean i know that she is pretty and famouse but i mean really is that what attracts him to her. someone please help me out with this
the only part we ever see of kristen is her public persona. i really dont think shes like that,i just think shes extremly shy and it comes off as shes aloof. im glad to see them together, they are so cute
he's really HOT! lemme find a pic and post it up

there ya go! =)


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