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Cloie here!!!How can you prove to the whole world that you are a certified Twiholic?Do you prove it through your wide array of twilight collectibles or a wide knowledge and vocabulary of the saga?Tell me about it!!!

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i know all characters from all the books, and even at walmart here they have candies with bella, edward and jacob on them. I bought all three although I got looks from my mom and sister. i think that they think i've lost my mind. I want all of the things that come out from twilight. I really want the edward doll and would like that but can't afford it right now. So anyway will get the board game and the books, and the twilight journals, and all things twilight. I am with my niece, we are the only two that are totally into this saga. so and my soon to be ex-husband thought that I was wierd because of all the time that I spend on this site or any other site that i've visitd and become a member of.
i think thats the answer.

you are a Die-Hard Twi-Hard when...

you're family thinks you are insane because you wont shut up about Twilight, bring it up at every opportunity, and compare things in life to it ;) live and breathe the saga.
i have seen twilight 9 times new moon 6 times. i know who everyone is played by off by heart aswell:
Edward Robert pattinson
Bella Kristern Stewart
Jacob Taylor Lautner
Alice Ashley Greene
Jasper Jackson Rathbone
Rosalie Nikki Reed
Emmett Kellan Lutz
Carlisle Peter Facinelli
Esme Elizabeth Reaser
Charlie Billy Burke
Sam Chaske Spencer
Jared Bronson Pelletier
Quil Tyson Houseman
Embry Kiowa Gordon
Emily Tinsel Korey
Jessica Anna Kendrick
Mike Michael Welch
Angela Chritian Serratos
Eric Justin Chon
Billy Gil Birmingham
Paul Alex Meraz
Harry Graham Greene
James Cam Gignant
Victoria Rachelle Lefevre
Laurent Edi Gathegi
Aro Michael Sheen
Marcus Christopher Heyerdahl
Caius Jamie Campbell Bower
Jane Dkota Fanning
Alec Cameron Bright
Demetri Charley Bewley
Felix Daniel Cudmore
and i own EVERYTHING twilight read the books each 5 times and i have lost count at how many posters i hav!!!
goin 2 new moon agen 2nite yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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