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Cloie here!!!How can you prove to the whole world that you are a certified Twiholic?Do you prove it through your wide array of twilight collectibles or a wide knowledge and vocabulary of the saga?Tell me about it!!!

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I know all the characters in Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward,Bella,Jacob, Sam, Embry, Carlisle,Esme,Renee, Charlie,Rosalie,Emmett,Jasper,Alice,Aro,Caius,Marcus,Jane,Alec,Qiul,Jared,Paul,Reneesme,
Jessica,Angela,Ben,Mike,and Eric.I have a really good memory of the books that I love.
I have read the books several times, I collect just about everything that Twilight lol i even brought Twilight Woods lotion from bath & body works (btw it smells great), I kno all the characters as well (well who doesn't, right?) I love the vocabulary and looked up the meanings the 1st time i read the book lol. My room is covered with Twilight posters, I have Twilight sheets, covers and pillows. I could probably continue forever because i'm obsessed
wow that's great...
if u wrote something let's read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah..bring it on!!!
I have read the books six times and I have read the partial draft of Midnight Sun eleven times and I have an impecible knowledge of the books I am the one everyone I know comes to for twilight questions I have even interupted ppls conversations at the premier of New Moon to answer questions I over heard them ask someone else
Iread twilight 3 times this weeek and watched the movie twice this week
i read the books at list ten times.
and you dont belive that : i dream at night about the characters especially on edward!!!
I read the books about 3 times and every weekend I watch twilight the movie
recently i watched new moon 2 times
I'm read fanfic over the web and some of them r really great.....
i couldn't buy any of the cullen crests (not available in my country) but I will as soon as i can
i have read the books over and over again, about 16 times, i have the twilight movie, and the movie guide that goes with it, i watch the commentary just to hear roberts!! i know all the charactors by name, orgin, coven and pack...i can recall a given scene of the movie and book at any given time, i can pretty much qoute anyting perfectly from the stories!!! and i record all of the talk show's and award show's that feature any cast from twilight!!! i have watched the movie so many times, my son knows about half the words!!! and i've seen new moon 3 times!!! i was explaining what was going on in New Moon to some strangers sitting near me, and my husband!!!ahh, i could go on an on forever!! i love the twilight saga!!!!
I am a Twiholic by my wide knowledge and vocabulary. I mean you can ask me any question and I'd know the answer.
proove it then


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