The Twilight Saga

Hey, have u ever wondered which character u were really like, deep down? Take this quiz to find out.


Question 1

How would u describe yourself?







Question 2

What do u like to do in your spare time?

a) hunt

b) plan events

c) work on projects

d) spend time with ur bf

e) help others


Question 3

What would u say fuels ur personality?

a)mysterios persona

b) bouncy & energetic

c) confident in ur abilities

d) being collective of your emotions

e) passionate & motivated


Question 4

Would u prefer......

a) hunting animals

b)hunting humans




If u chose all a's your most likely to be like Edward. Your an amazing, good looking person who prefers to keep their personality in the shadows and lets people think what they like. You care, but not as much as another character we all know.


If u chose mostly b's ur most likely to be like Alice. You love your plans, and never sit still. There's always something on your mind whether it be what your doing on the weekend or what's going on later in the day. Let's just say that everyone needs one of u in their life.


If u chose mostly c's ur most likely to be like Jacob. You keep your face serious as to keep ur true emotions secret but never thoroughly manage. Whether it be a mind reader or someone your close too, someone always manages to get whatever your thinking out. In the end your that person that some people will despise and others, love.


If u chose mostly d's your most likely to be like Bella. With you eveverything tends to be simple, but not always. Your emotions can take charge when your upset or depressed and change you enitrely. BUT when your happy almost nothing can stop u. You're the girl that almost everyone likes.


If you chose mostly e's your most likely to be like Carlise or Esme. Kindness radiates from u and there is always something nice that you can do for someone else. When there is someone in need it dosnt take you long to grab them by the hand and make them feel comfortable. Your the kind of person that everyone wants to be.





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Replies to This Discussion

apparently im most like bella
im most like alice
I'm most like Edward. That's so cool!

Edward is the BEST

Thє Twιlιght Sαgα ιs α Drug...
And I'm Proud To Bє Addιctєd
Cool, guys!
I'm glad your enjoying the quiz!
Ah... m mostly like Edward...!!
Thanks for the quiz.I'm like Bella....I knew that already. I am VERY clumsy and shy,quiet and reserved like Bella.
Carlisle n esme cos i was honest and not looking to be the character i wish lol
bella! x very clumsy and shy :)
esme, just wish i was as pretty
I'm more like Alice. Which works for me:)
Mostly b's so i'm Alice


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