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im having a total twilight evening with some of my friends, proper girlie thing going on, choc. bottles of wine, facials ect....then twilight movie on huge telly followed by new moon, and totally twilight related discussions.....cant wait, we even have a nice mix of team edward team jacob,


please tell me if any of you are planning anything??


its a good excuse for a get together so why

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hi, i am doing the exact same thing, having the girls over for the night with fod wine etc, really looking forward to it :)
lolz nahh im not doing anything out of the ordanairy, but however when all the movies are out i will be having a total twilight grouping at mine and we will have back to back twilights and then me and my fellow cullenists will read out passages from each book :P xx
Wish I could find someone to do something like that with me!!! I only have a coworker who is into it as much as I am. All i know is I'm putting my todler & husband to bed early and then I have a date with Edward!!! Thats if I can even wait to watch it. After dropping the todler with my parents I'm running straight to Wal-Mart to get my copy...maybe if the boss is away, my coworker and I will watch it at work lol!!!
we were considering with my friends to have a reunion so we can all watch the movie and comment about it, can't wait to watch the 7 minutes of Eclipse!!!!


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