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Ok, so have you guys seen Remember Me?? I saw it in the theater...and i cried a bit at the end..but when i watched it yesterday when i bought it on DVD, i cried so much that my eyes actually went dry...:/ I loved the movie, it was purely amazing. It is probably one of my favorite movies of all time...So, if you have seen it, did you like it, did you cry? And for people who haven't seen it, do you want to? I think you should, it's worth the money :)

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I seen it...loved it but cried my eyes out!
i completely agree. One of d best movies i have ever seen
i saw it 3 times in the movie theater and i cried my eyes and everything out .i was in sobbsppl in da theater looked at memy friend was telling me to get a grip..i was crying soooooooooooooooo hard ALL 3 TIMES!!! i cried in da beging and the end the 3 times
every1 shold buy this
i loved the movie..its one of da best ive ever seen
I also saw it today for the first time.It was sad at the end.
I'm waiting the DVD in French.... I want to watch it. I'm sure I'll cry a lot .................................
i saw the movie in theaters and it was sooooooooooo sad i cried so much
i'm waiting for it to come out on DVD in australia so i can get it and watch it
cause my mum hasnt seen it and she's a rob fan =D
I have it on my list at Netflix. I just have to wait, boohoo.
I have seen it and it was AMAZING!!! I loved ALMOST every minute of it! Although i did cry a little at the end
I would still go buy it, even if it is sad. Also i agree it is DEFINATLEY worth the money!!
I loved most of it. I didn't like the end, but not for the reasons of it being sad. I don't want to give anything away for those who haven't watched it yet, however I'm not one for propaganda (even if it is wrapped in Rob).
i luv da movie!!!!
I never saw it but whenever i saw the comercil thing. I got mad because edward / robert is with someone else not bella!
I bought it today...I haven't watched it yet. This will be the first time. I didn't see it in the theater.


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